This page has links to other sites on the net related to Shotokan Karate. This page will be updated constantly, so keep visiting!

Rochester Recreation Shotokan Karate Club

     This is the website to our parent club (dojo). It is where members go to test for belts and for advanced training.

Maine Shotokan Karate Association

     Sensei Mike Cook's webpage. Updated regularly, it has info about events, exams, etc...

Shotokan Karate International Federation - USA

    This is the website of the federation to which our club is affiliated.

Lester Ingber's Archive

     Ingber, physicist by profession, studied Karate under Ohshima and Nishiyama. His site has online books on Karate.

History of Okinawan karate

     A very nice website with info about karate in Okinawa and demos of katas from different styles.

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Karate

     The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) website.

Asian World of Martial Arts

     Online store for martial arts gear and stuff.

No Nonsense Self Defense

     This is Marc MacYoung's website about self defense.

Shotokan Karate Magazine

     Really nice magazine about Shotokan Karate and related topics.

Gichin Funakoshi

     Site about the "Father of Modern Karate" Gichin Funakoshi, Shotokan terminology and more.


     This is a site with lots of information about karate in general. Lots of discussions which will challenge and provoke may be your understanding and views about martial arts.

Karate The Japanese Way

     Another very good site with discussions and some bunkai (application) documentation.


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