Regular examinations are an integral part of any training program. Each semester we have ranking examinations for the next student technical level 'kyu'. Examinations are given in February, May, August and November each year. The exams are held at the Rochester Karate Club. The examination fees are 30$ for first time examinees and 15$ for each test after that. If a student fails an exam the fee is valid until he/she passes it. A student is allowed try to take an examination for the next rank as many times as needed. We encourage all members to test. Each student must complete a written examination and fill out a registration form prior to the actual test.

*For more information about the tests and test dates please visit the Events section or visit the Rochester Recreation Shotokan Karate Club website. Also, check the Maine Shotokan website.

RRSKC Examinations Page

Examination sheets for kyu (student) ranks:

Practical exams
Written exams


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