The Club


The club was founded in 1983 by Sensei Steven Warren who at the time was training with Teroyuki Okazaki sensei, a student of O'Sensei Gichin Funakoshi. Later sensei Kent Chamberlain took over as an instructor from 1987 to 1990. Thomas Pray, a UNH alumnus and UNH Karate Club former student of Sensei Warren, became an instructor from 1990 to 1993. Eric Ramsey, also a UNH alumnus and UNH Karate Club student, lead the club from 1994 to 1996. After Eric Ramsey left the club Michael Saputo with the help of senseis Chamberlain and Warren, took over the karate classes. He has been teaching since then. Alexander Vapirev has been training and teaching in the club since the Fall of 2001 with some help by the senior student Pallavi Mittal. Eric, Tom, Alex and Pallavi, together with other members of the club, have competed in numerous tournaments and winning many prises for UNH Karate. Tom Pray has won few of the New England AAU Karate Championships. In 2005 Alex and Pallavi have competed at the 2005 SKIF nationals. Pallavi became bronse medalist in kumite (sparring) and won silver in kata (form) in her division. Alex qualified for and was invited in the US National SKIF team for 2005-2006 after competing in both kata and kumite. Alex Vapirev now trains and teaches in Belgium.


Beginners and people with experience in other martial arts styles are always welcome. Our sessions are always open to watch. If you want to just try it out for a single training session bring comfortable sport clothes - we would suggest a pair of track pants and a T-shirt. We train barefoot so please no shoes in the studio. Our club is partially supported by the university, partially by a small membership fee paid each semester and also by fund raising and donations (find out how). If you decide to join the club you will be asked to register online at Campus Recreation at UNH and fill out a form containing your contact information and information about your health insurance. You will also be asked to provide a copy of your health insurance card. For more information just drop by Studio 2 or send us an email (see 'Contact us' section).

membership fee - $20.00 per semester

karate uniform (karate-gi) - $30.00 (ask for it at the front desk with the receipt for paid dues)


Steven Warren (5th dan) - founder of UNH Shotokan Karate Club

Michael Saputo (1st dan) - instructor

Colin Lentz (1st dan) - instructor

Pallavi Mittal (1st dan) - instructor

Tom Pray (3rd dan) - visiting instructor

The Dojo

Dojo rules:

Often an organization or a group of people has its own rules. The rules of our club or dojo (place for training) come from the traditions in karate. Some of them teach the members the basic etiquete and others are designed simply for safety reasons. Some of the basic rules are:

The Dojo Kun:

These are the five principles of karate passed down from the founder of Shotokan Karate O'Sensei Funakoshi Gichin:

Hitotsu! Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto

Hitotsu! Makoto No Michi O Mamoru Koto

Hitotsu! Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau Koto

Hitotsu! Reigi O Omonzuru Koto

Hitotsu! Kekki No Yu O Imashimuru Koto

The five teachings of Master Kanazawa:

The five principles tought by Master Kanazawa Hirokazu - the founder and president (Kancho) of SKIF:


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