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2014 UNH White Ribbon Campaign - Be Part of the Solution!

As part of our 2013 Healthy Relationships Everyday campaign
we wanted to share this little video.

"Love is Freedom"


Advocate Debunks Domesticate Violence Myths


The Clothesline Project


One is Two Many


Starting in May, this 15-second video about abuse in the deaf community, presented in American Sign Language will appear on the CBS Super Screen at Times Square. This is possibly the first video placement by a Deaf-run agency at Times Square, one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

Searching for Sexism Episode 3: Dating Violence and Eating Concerns

2013 UNH White Ribbon Campaign - Be Part of the Solution!

SHARPP's own 2012 video
"What men can do to end violence against women"
We asked men on campus to speak out against violence
against women and here is what they had so say.


National Stalker Awareness


The Warnings Signs of Digital Dating Abuse

In conjuction with the White Ribbon Campaign, 'What if it was your mother?' - Rolfe's Story: Rolfe grew up using aggression and violence to try to get respect.


RAINN: Speak Out!

PSA: Georgian Rugby Players Say NO to Violence against Women