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John WJohn Wilderman serves as the Director of the University Instrumentation Center. After Graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics in 1989, he spent 8 years in industry working for MKS Instruments, Inc. doing electro-mechanical design and production. John has been trouble-shooting and repairing research and teaching equipment for the University System of New Hampshire since 1997 and has been leading the UIC since September 2006 in his current position as Director. John's primary responsibilities include managing the department, maintaining the UIC’s suite of scientific instruments, and operating the XPS. John can be reached at 603-862-1092 or at jsw@cisunix.unh.edu.


Nancy CNancy Cherim, Analytical Instrumentation Scientist IV, joined the University Instrumentation Center in April, 1984, to run and maintain our electron microscope facility in Kendall Hall.  Although she has a background in biology, she also works with a diverse group of scientists including those involved in the fields of polymer, electrical and mechanical engineering research.  Her work also includes running and maintaining preparation equipment for the scanning and transmission electron microscopes. She works closely with professors involved in electron microscope coursework. Nancy can be reached at 603-862-2182 or at nac@cisunix.unh.edu.


Patricia WDr. Patricia Wilkinson graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.Sc. in chemistry in 1988 and from Brandeis University with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1993.  Pat’s research during graduate school involved the study of the solution structure of organic ion pairs by NMR spectroscopy.  Following graduate school, Pat was employed as an NMR applications scientist for Bruker BioSpin Corporation for 14 years where she conducted user training and customer demonstrations, participated in the development of new hardware and software products and applications, and provided technical support for customers.   Pat is well versed in many different applications of NMR spectroscopy. Pat can be reached at 603-862-1447 or at pat.wilkinson@unh.edu


Robert CRob Cinq-Mars is an analytical instrumentation engineer who works on scientific instrument repair and maintenance capabilities. He is an experienced electrical engineer and has extensive background in solving a diverse range of electrical and mechanical problems involving motors, drives and controls, power distribution, analog and digital circuit design, printed circuit boards, sensors, I/O, programmable logic controllers, circuit sizing, over-current protection, and many other areas. Rob can be reached at 603-862-0174 or at rob.cinq-mars@unh.edu.


Mark TDr. Mark Townley has a Ph.D. in Zoology and is a full-time analytical instrumentation scientist at the UIC, with primary responsibility for managing the Confocal Microscope Imaging Center in 340 Rudman Hall. Additional responsibilities include assisting with sample preparation and analysis in the Electron Microscope Facility (6 Kendall Hall) and the Lyle NMR Facility (113 Parsons Hall). He also oversees the use of the flow cytometer in 206 Parsons Hall.  His own research is concerned with chelicerate arthropod biology, with a focus on the silk glands of spiders. Mark can be reached at 603-862-0632 or at mtownley@cisunix.unh.edu.

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