RCC on the Road

Philip Collins and Allan Wright are representing RCC at the 2015 Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) annual conference in Washington, DC July 20-21st, 2015.  Also from UNH, Andy Glode is representing the office of Environmental Health and Safety. 

Chemical Inventory Management Systems and Chemistry Themed Mascots? UNHCEMS® at the 2012 American Chemical Society Meeting

UNHCEMS® is UNH’s self-developed barcode-based software system to record and manage information about the quantity, location and properties of chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, and hazardous wastes throughout campus. 

After a recent survey of UNHCEMS® software users at other institutions and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received, UNH hit the road to encourage other colleges and universities to implement our system.   

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