Mining Patents for Information

The US patent system is premised on a fundamental exchange, or as some might say, a grand bargain. In exchange for fully disclosing their invention to the public, the inventor gains the exclusionary right to that invention for a limited period.

INNOVATION in New Hampshire

New legislators were sworn in recently in Concord, NH and the NHIRC is ramping up to inform them about the program and its impact on the state’s jobs and economic development. NHIRC Day will be held on February 5th at noon in St. Paul’s Church where legislators are being invited to meet representatives from some of New Hampshire’s most innovative companies to learn how translational research funding helps companies innovate, stay and grow in New Hampshire, and how the NHIRC is a proven job creator for NH with 20:1 leverage on dollars spent.

Impetus for Social Upheaval

While walking around campus to hand deliver invitations to our second Annual Inventors Dinner, either along the way or upon arrival to my destination, the response was “what a nice touch, personal delivery, I get to actually meet you face to face”.  Most days I spend a lot of time communicating via email, voice mail, web posts, Google alerts and when brave, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and texting.  It’s amazing how much can be transacted with these technology-based devices.

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