Ethical and Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity

Resource: The Ethics of Research & Publishing Video Series

The Academy of Management’s Ethics Education Committee has produced an eight part Ethics of Research & Publishing Video SeriesVideos range from 5 to 10 minutes in length, and topics include authorship, plagiarism, reporting research, and publishing in journals.  The videos could be used in seminars, classes, and lab meetings to facilitate discussion about these and related issues.

UNH Professor is Keynote at International Workshop on Research Ethics in Economics

UNH Professor of Economics, James Wible, is a keynote speaker at the International Workshop on Scientific Misconduct and Research Ethics in Economics next month in Izmir, Turkey.  His paper is entitled, Economic Dimensions of Research Misconduct and the Responsible Conduct of Research in Science and Economics.   Jim is a member of the UNH Responsible Conduct of Research a

Learning from the Mistakes of Others: In This Case, Plagiarism

This week the New York Times ran a series of articles about plagiarism by Senator John Walsh in his final paper for his master’s degree from the US Army War College.  The article provides an instructive page-by-page analysis of the final paper, identifying sources and whether the text was used without attribution or with improper attribution.

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