IRB Releases Updated Guidance on Anonymity, Confidentiality, & Privacy in Human Subjects Research

The UNH Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research has just released updated and expanded guidance on confidentiality in human subjects research.  The new guidance, Anonymity, Confidentiality, and Privacy in Human Subjects Research, is available on the IRB’s Application Resources webpage.

“Excuse me, can you repeat that? What does that mean?”

Technology transfer is like any other field with a host of its own unique terms and acronyms, all designed to confuse and intimidate those not in the know.  Confusion is not really the intention, but it's the look I often receive when one of these terms slips into a conversation.  Particularly when speaking with people outside UNHInnovation (UNHI), the conversation is frequently interrupted by a request for clarification.  In an effort to bridge this gap and get everyone on the same page, we’ll start small and over the course of several blogs begin to create a glossary for some of the diffe

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