Video Vignettes Help Researchers Develop Lab Management Skills

UC Davis has developed a series of online video vignettes to help researchers develop their lab leadership and management skills.  Each vignette raises and addresses a specific issue, such as authorship, unethical behavior, or managing personnel.  Check them out ~ they are designed to address issues faced by researchers in all career stages.

Honorarium Payments on Restricted Grant Funds

Honoraria or other payments for the purpose of conferring distinction or to symbolize respect, esteem, or admiration may not be paid from federally-sourced grant funds.


UNH Faculty Research Excellence Seminar Series Continues on February 17: Research in Sustainability Science

A panel composed of UNH researchers engaged in sustainability science will discuss their experiences and the joys and pitfalls of working in a transdisciplinary fashion at the next UNH Faculty Research Excellence Seminar on February 17, 2014.

Sustainability science has emerged as a new discipline over the last decade, with a focus on coupled social-ecological systems and transdisciplinary, solutions-oriented research. Sustainability science research is intended to lead to the use of science through actions: decisions, policies, management approaches or similar outcomes.

Renovation and Expansion of OEHS Central Hazardous Waste Accumulation Area and Chemical Receiving Facility Completed

Following three years of planning and design work, renovation and expansion of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Central Hazardous Waste Accumulation Area (CHWAA) has been completed.

Construction and renovation work began in August with site preparation and installation of underground utilities. Existing facilities, which date to 1995, were renovated with repairs to building envelopes, code compliant heating and ventilation, fire suppression, local exhaust, flooring system and safety shower and eyewash unit. 

Researcher-Participant Confidentiality Privilege Changes in Canadian Law

The Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) reported on February 3, 2014 that researcher-participant confidentiality is now a formal concept in Canadian law.  The privilege will be applied on a case-by-case basis, according to the ruling from the Quebec Superior Court.    

May 2014 Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity Training

The UNH Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity (RCR) Committee announces the availability of training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research. This training meets the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s (NIFA) RCR training requirement, and is open to any member of the UNH community. While it is primarily directed at postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students, faculty and staff are invited to participate.

This training opportunity involves two components:

UNH History Professor Provides Unique Perspective on the Challenges Facing International Conservation Projects

A new book by Kurkpatrick Dorsey, associate professor of history, tells the story of the ill-fated attempt to create an international regulatory framework that would allow for a sustainable whaling industry.  “Whales and Nations” provides a unique perspective on the challenges facing international conservation projects. This history has profound implications for today’s pressing questions of global environmental cooperation and sustainability.

Full article

Institute for Health Policy and Practice at UNH and the NH Citizens Health Initiative Will Map NH Health

MapNH Health, a new project of the NH Citizens Health Initiative and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice at UNH, will provide a lens through which to look at New Hampshire's health and healthcare landscape across three points in time: 2010, 2020 and 2030.  Project activities include creation of a web site to provide map-based projections of possible health futures for New Hampshire designed to inform both public policy and community conversations about how New Hampshire can best prepare for the future health and healthcare needs of the state's residents.

Kevin Gardner - Creating Knowledge that Leads to Action for Sustainability

Kevin Gardner, professor of civil engineering and faculty fellow in the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research, conceptualizes and organizes interdisciplinary teams to work collaboratively to accomplish the goal of educating and inspiring action towards sustainability in the environment.

Read more about Gardner's work to create knowledge that leads to action for sustainability in this Research Profile.

Partners in Research: UNH Justice Studies Grad Students and the New Hampshire Sexual Assault Resource Teams Office

A group of graduate students in justice studies at UNH recently partnered with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office on a jury polling project that
aims to better understand the factors that influence not guilty verdicts in adult sexual assault cases. The project, which was part of the course Applied Research Methods taught by Victoria Banyard, professor of psychology, was conducted by the students for the New Hampshire Sexual Assault Resource Teams (SART) office, a component of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office of Victim/Witness Assistance.


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