NIH Works to Maximize Fairness in its Peer Review Process

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced late last month efforts underway at the agency to address problems in its peer review process.  Dr. Richard Nakamura, Director of the NIH Center for Scientific Review, explained the initiative in a recent blog post.

Seeking Partners to Commercialize One-Step Process for Synthesizing Quaterrylene

What is Quaterrylene?

Quaterrylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon (essentially a small piece of graphene) with many applications in organic photovoltaics, organic thin-film transistors, and organic light emitting diodes due to its photophysical and semiconducting properties. 

Welcome RCC's Newest Student Operators

The Research Computing Center has recently hired two new student operators who have joined the team in Morse Hall providing a variety of IT and help desk services.  We extend a warm welcome to Emily Helrich and Sean Graham.

Emily comes to us as a Computer Science major in her Junior year.  Sean is entering his Junior year and is majoring in Information Technology.   We’re pleased to have them working with us and look forward to taking advantage of the skills they bring to RCC.

Upgraded SPIN Funding Opportunity Database Now Available

 “New” SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) has a user-friendly interface for conducting ad hoc funding opportunity searches, and provides for periodic automated e-mail alerts for new opportunities.  To use SPIN, log in at https://infoedresearch.unh.edu/login.asp

SPA – Accounting and Financial Compliance Services

Sponsored Programs Administration, Accounting and Financial Compliance group (AFC) is the new name for the Financial Management Group (FMG). The accountants in this group are Financial Research Administrators (FRA’s). As of May 1, 2014 the FRA’s are assigned responsibilities based on specific UNH departments. Please refer to the Find Your FRA document on the UNH website.

Financial Research Administrators (FRA’s) provide

NSF Engineering/Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) Changes Deadline for Unsolicited Proposals

The National Science Foundation's Directorate for Engineering (ENG), Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) has changed the unsolicited proposal submission window for all 17 programs to one single submission window, October 1 through November 5, 2014, by 5 pm submitter's local time.

The window changes are effective immediately and will continue annually, with future deadline dates (TBD) in either October or November.

Wicked Cool Research: Linguistics Major Explores the Use of the Popular New England Term

According to the Urban Dictionary, Boston is the place where use of the word ‘wicked’ as an adverb was born. Fascinated with words and the way their use and implication can vary, Emma Brown decided to make ‘wicked’ the subject of her research project for UNH’s 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference.

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UNH Research Shows that Lakes in New England and the Adirondack Mountains are Recovering Rapidly from the Effects of Acid Rain

"Our data clearly demonstrate that cleaning up air pollution continues to have the desired effect of improving water quality for our region’s lakes,” said William McDowell, professor of environmental science and director of the NH Water Resources Research Center.  Policy makers have been working for more than 40 years to reduce acid rain, a serious environmental problem that can devastate lakes, streams, forests, and the plants and animals that live in these ecosystems.

UNH Resesarchers Study Key Enzyme Related to Vision

Rick Cote, professor of molecular, cellular, and biomedical sciences, and his colleagues study the enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE), the central enzyme in the photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) in the eye that transform light into images.

Bee ‘Hotel’ at UNH is Part of a New Research Project to Assess NH Bee Population

Sandra Rehan, assistant professor of biological sciences, UNH Cooperative Extension specialist Cathy Neal, and Woodman Farm staff have constructed a bee "hotel" at UNH's  Woodman Farm as part of a new research project that will assess for the diversity of New Hampshire’s bee population for the first time. The launch of the research project comes just in time for National Pollinator Week June 16-24, 2014, which highlights the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations.

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