infoEd, the company that provides UNH's SPIN-SMARTS-GENIUS service, has changed the matching  process for curent SMARTS users.

See Update below for details.

New users should use SPIN to create searches for funding opportunities and enable notifications.

SPIN - searchable data base of funding opportunities

SMARTS - funding opportunity notification service (now integrated into SPIN)

GENIUS - searchable data base of investigator profiles 


Sign into the UNH portal at https://infoedresearch.unh.edu/login.asp using your UNH username and password.

From the "My Open Action Items" screen (your "home page")  you can:

Search for funding opportunities and sign up for alerts based on your saved searchers --- click on Finding Funding at the top of the page.
This opens a new popup window containing SPIN, where you can search for funding opportunities, save your search criteria, and enable e-mail notifications.

            You may need to disable your popup blocker for SPIN to open successfully.

Update/add your personal information to your profile --- click on  in the navigation menu on the left.
Choose Edit from the dropdown menu to be able to add/update information in your profile in the GENIUS database.

Search for colleagues and collaborators -- click on CV Database at the top of the page.
This refreshes the screen to the CV Search Criteria screen, where you can search through the curriculum vitae (GENIUS) database by keyword, institution, country, research, etc. to find people with particular knowledge.

Support & Training

Training videos for new SPIN - click on the link in the upper right corner of the SPIN opening page.

Help - click on this link above the left navigation menu on the My Open Action Items screen.
 This opens a new popup window containing the Portal Users Guide.
          • Instructions for navigating the Portal and filling out your personal profile begin on page 27 of the Guide.        
          • NOTE: The instructions for SMARTS (pages 52) are outdated -- see "Update re: SMARTS" below for details.



Update re: SMARTS funding opportunity matching service

SMARTS is an automated alerts system that notifies subscribers about relevant external funding opportunities that match the subscriber’s research interests.

Notices of new programs are sent to the subscriber’s e-mail address shortly after the programs are announced by the sponsor; ongoing programs are reviewed and announced annually.

Funding sources in the SPIN database include over 6,000 government, private, and non-profit sponsors worldwide.

The new process for accessing this service is to set up searches in SPIN and then indicate that you’d like to receive emails with hits based on those searches.

While it is still possible to access SMARTS and choose keywords within your Personal (GENIUS) Profile, infoEd no longer updates these keywords or supports this process for receiving notifications. 

Current SMARTS users should still be receiving notifications, but "hits" are being matched using a new SPIN search paradigm that encompasses the selected keywords.

We have been advised by infoEd staff to:
     • point new users to SPIN to create searches and enable notifications
     • encourage current SMARTS users to:
        (1) create searches and enable notifications in SPIN and
        (2) delete the corresponding SMARTS keywords currently in their profile (to avoid duplicate notifications)
        (3) turn off SMARTS matching once all keywords have been deleted


Contact Information


Research Development and Communications

Kathryn B. Cataneo
Director of Research Development & Communications


Lynnette Hentges
Senior Associate


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