SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network): Searchable database of over 40,000 world-wide government, private, and non-profit funding opportunities, plus an alerts service on saved searches

GENIUS (Global Enterprise Network for Industry, Universities and Scholars): Searchable database of subscriber investigator's professional profiles

For more about these services, see InfoEd Global/SPIN Global Suite.

SMARTS Update  UPDATED in yellw starburst 8/10/15



Support & Training

Search for funding opportunities, save searches, and set up alerts based on your saved searches

Edit your InfoEd/GENIUS profile

Search for funding without logging in

From a UNH computer or through the UNH VPN:

NOTE: To save searches, you must be logged in

Search for colleagues and collaborators

From a UNH computer or through the UNH VPN:



SPIN Training Modules

Click on the links in the SPIN Training section in the left column menu for:

  • Basic SPIN Searches
  • Keyword Searches
  • Advanced SPIN Searches

InfoEd's SPIN Training Videos

From a UNH computer or through the UNH VPN:

  • Go to the UNH portal at https://infoedresearch.unh.edu/login.asp
  • Click on SPIN in the navigation bar at top
  • On the InfoEd SPIN opening page, hover over HELP at the far right of the navigation bar at top
  • Choose Training Videos from the dropdown menu




For many years, SMARTS has been the automated alerts system that notifies UNH subscribers about relevant external funding opportunities matching the subscriber’s research interest keywords saved in the subscriber's Profile. Notices of new opportunities are sent to the subscriber’s e-mail address shortly after being announced by sponsors; ongoing programs are announced annually.

On August 27, 2015, UNH will be transitioning from SMARTS to the saved-search system based in SPIN.

Current users were sent this message on August 10: 
Transition on Aug 27 from SMARTS to SPIN-based Funding Opportunity Matching and Notification Service

Current SMARTS users wishing to create/save searches in SPIN prior to the transition should delete the corresponding SMARTS keywords in their Profiles to minimize duplicate notifications.

Individuals wishing to use SPIN only should disable their current SMARTS functionality.

For additional assistance, contact Lynnette Hentges at lynnette.hentges@unh.edu or 862-2002.





For login problems, contact spa.production@unh.edu


For assistance with using SPIN,
contact  Lynnette Hentges


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