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UIC Graduates Two of Their Own

The University Instrumentation Center sends a big thank you to Eryn Murphy and Alyssa Trickett for their years of service as work study students. Both recently graduated this year from the University of New Hampshire.

UIC’s Graduate Assistant Reflects on Past Year

A look back on my first year as the UIC’s Graduate Assistant

My name is Kyle Rodriguez, a fourth year PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department; here’s a look back at the past year working as the Graduate Assistant in the UIC.

Engineering Services and Supplies

The University Instrumentation Center provides engineering services in support of all teaching and research activities on campus. 

Instrument Procurement and Installation

The UIC has identified through years of experience a series of recommended and supported instruments and have developed discount pricing with some key suppliers.  Click here for more information on how the UIC can help you in outfitting your laboratory.

Laying a Greener Path for Sample Storage

The University Instrumentation Center (UIC) recently initiated a project in partnership with the Energy Office, the Sustainability Institute and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) to evaluate an alternative freezer technology far superior to traditional ultralow freezers. 

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Kinetic and dynamic studies can be done on nearly all NMR active elements. Both 1-D and 2-D experiments are now offered including: INEPT, DEPT, carbon-carbon coupling detection (INADEQUATE), COSY, NOESY, ROESY, TOCSY, HMQC/HSQC/HMBC, and many others.

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

This instrument uses a double beam, double out-of-plane Littrow monochromator and dual double-sided gratings with up to 3 sources. Detection in the UV/Vis range is with a high performance R928 photomultiplier tube and, in the NIR, with a low noise, electrothermally-controlled PbS photocell. Spectral bandwidths from 0.01 - 5.00 nm (UV/Vis) and 0.04 - 20.0 nm (NIR) are possible. Signal averaging is available from 0.033 to 999 seconds and scan rates up to 2000 nm/min (UV/VIS) and 8000 nm/min (NIR).

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR)

The Thermo Nicolet iS10 FT-IR is a general-purpose, Windows XP controlled instrument designed for easy operation using the OMNIC 8 software. The resolution of the spectrometer is 0.4 cm-1, and the spectral range is 7800 to 350 cm. The sample chamber and optics are purged with air with a dew point of -95oF. We also have a diamond ATR accessory with a spectral range cutoff of 525 cm-1 for use with most samples.

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

The system is designed around a 127 mm mean radius hemispherical analyzer, which is equipped with a triple channeltron detection system for improved sensitivity. By using a magnetic immersion lens, high sensitivity is apparent on small analysis areas. A standard feature is XPS Imaging, which goes down to the 30 um level. The charge neutralization system allows high resolution spectra to be obtained from insulating materials such as polymers using either the standard Mg/Al source or the Al monochromatic source.

Gas Chromatic Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) - Coming Soon

Manufacturer:                    Trace                                         

Flow Cytometer

   The unit has two lasers for exciting fluorochromes: an argon laser, which emits sapphire-colored light at 488 nm, and a red diode laser emitting light at 635 nm. This unit is best suited for the analysis of aqueous suspensions of cells or particles with diameters between 1 and 50 um (microns). Ideally samples should contain 500,000 cells or particles per mL.


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