Tools for UNH Researchers

Effort Certification Reminder

To:  Principal Investigators and Project Directors, UNH Sponsored Programs Community

This is a reminder that all effort reports for FY12 activity must be reviewed, certified, and received in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) by September 30. Please return the completed certifications to your effort certification coordinator/BSC contact, clearly indicating any needed revisions. 

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Requirements - Update to Internal Approval Form (aka Yellow Sheet)

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) has revised the Sponsored Program Proposal Internal Approval Routing Form (aka “Yellow Sheet”) to reflect new financial conflict of interest in research requirements.  It is available on the Research Office website.

Graduate Students - Education & Training

These  programs are designed to help graduate students enhance their skills for seeking funding for their research and scholarly activity.

Look for the  heading bar to identify these programs in the Research Office Workshop/Seminar Calendar.

UNH Rate Sheet Updated

Dear UNH Research Community,

The UNH Rate Sheet was revised August 1st to update stipend rates for AY12-13, along with tuition, fees and the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Please use the new rates in proposals immediately and contact your Grant and Contract Administrator with any questions.



Karen Jensen
(on behalf of Victor Sosa, Director)

Research Involving Humans, Vertebrate Animals, & Biological Materials


What’s essential

Federal regulation (Common Rule 45 CFR 46) and UNH policy require that all UNH research activities proposing to involve human subjects must be reviewed and receive written, unconditional approval from the UNH Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research before commencing.  This applies to all research

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research

Financial (and other) conflicts of interest can arise naturally from an individual’s engagement with the world beyond campus, and the existence of a conflict does not imply wrongdoing on anyone’s part.  When conflicts of interest arise, they must be recognized and eliminated or managed appropriately.

Effort Certification

What’s essential?

Principal investigators are responsible for ensuring that all effort commitments for their sponsored programs are:  regularly reviewed to reflect actual work performed; consistent with proposed effort; and, ultimately, certified.


Cost Sharing

What’s essential

OMB Circular A-110
establishes the following criteria for cost sharing for federally-sourced awards:


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