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NIH AREA (R15) Grants

UNH is eligible to apply for NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) Grants (R15)


Directions to Research Computing

Directions To UNH Morse Hall, Durham, NH

By Car
Via I-95 from Boston....


OMB recognizes that financial reporting can be excessive if not centrally managed. Therefore federal agencies usually follow common financial reporting formats. Federal agencies should not impose upon universities forms or frequencies of reporting that go beyond the requirements of OMB Circular A-110/Uniform Guidance .

Subrecipient Agreements

In most cases, subrecipeint agreements will be to other universities for services similar to those performed by the University (research, instruction, and public service). The subrecipient agreement document will be referenced as either a subcontract, subgrant, or sub-agreement. This determination will be based on the prime award being issued as a contract, grant, or agreement.

Effort Reporting and Certification

See Effort Reporting and Certifications FAQ for questions.

If you do not see your question or do not understand the answer please contact the Accounting and Financial Compliance (AFC)  in the Sponsored Program Administration Office. 


Exceptions to Policy on 95% Effort Allocations to Sponsored Programs

Award Closeout

When a project is ending the closing team in the Accounting and Financial Compliance group of SPA works with PI’s, BSC’s and Departments to ensure all appropriate expenses have been applied, final billing and financial reporting completed, final payments collected, and other reports have been submitted before closing out the grant funds.

The closeout process is automated through Banner workflow so that processes can be completed sequentially by PI’s, Departments, BSCs, and the closing team in SPA.


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