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Get Approvals


Merit/Mission Review

Financial (Budget) Review

Compliance Review

Limited Submission Programs


Merit/Mission Review

Reviewing a proposal’s merit and appropriateness to institutional mission are the responsibility of department chairs, deans, and institute directors.


Build a Proposal

Common Components of a Proposal

Sponsor-Specific Guidance 

Applying to New Hampshire State Agencies

Institutional Information


Common Components of a Proposal

Elements common to most proposals include:

Limited Submission Programs (LSPs)

Some funding opportunities have limits set by the sponsors upon how many proposals may be submitted by UNH.

For a list of  limited submission programs
with deadlines in the near-future,
as well as ongoing programs
with not-for-profit sponsors, see:
LSPs to Act on Now

UNH Funding Opportunities


This table includes the most recently-available information about University opportunities, listed alphabetically. 

X-Ray Safety


The X-Ray Protection Program at UNH oversees the safe use of X-Ray devices on campus. It provides guidance for the compliance with the NH Rules for the Control of Radiation regulated by the Radiological Health Section of the State of NH Health and Human Services.

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

UNH acknowledges its responsibility to provide a program for the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals, to provide emergency response to incidents involving hazardous chemicals, and to educate the UNH community about the safe use of hazardous chemicals in research, teaching, and public service activities.


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