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When polarized light is passed through a solution containing an optically active compound, the polarized light will rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.  The specific rotation is calculated based on the observed optical rotation by taking into account the cell length and sample concentration.


Analytical Instruments

Our instruments are located on the Durham campus of UNH.  Parking spaces are available for visitors and clients at Parsons Hall.


Reservation Software 

If you are a registered user of our instruments, you may access our new instrument reservation software here: Idea Elan

Options to Meet the Challenge of Funding Fluctuations

From the UNH Research Faculty Policy Guide: Employment and Benefits Policies Guidance for UNH Research Faculty

Research Faculty are sometimes subject to unexpected changes in grant funding due to factors beyond their control and occasionally need time to secure new funding without loss of their employment.  The options described below have been developed to meet this challenge of fluctuating funding.

What’s New in the University Instrumentation Center – Welcome 2016!

We look back on a successful 2015 and we look forward to new opportunities and challenges in 2016.

Throughout 2015, the University Instrumentation Center (UIC) focused on strengthening its value to the university and the local research community. Some highlights of our major accomplishments in 2015 include:

Scanning Electron Microscope with Focused Ion Beam (FIB-SEM)

Manufacturer:                    Tescan                                         
Model #:                               Lyra3 GMU FIB SEM
Year of Manuf:                    2013                                                
Year Acquired:                    2014
Location:                              Parsons Room NB-17AD



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