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Non-Financial Agreements

MTA (Material Transfer Agreement; /research/material-transfer-agreements-mtas):  MTAs govern the exchange of research tools between colleagues at different universities, institutions, or companies.  Research is frequently a collaborative effort with colleagues from multiple geographically-diverse institutions sharing tools and techniques.  An MTA is a formal contract that defines proper use and designates specific limitations or obligations for using these tools.  Shared tool

University Instrumentation Center Publishes First Annual Calendar

This year, the University Instrumentation Center (UIC) started a new tradition with the creation of our first annual calendar.  The calendar features images obtained using instrumentation available through the UIC and within the university, and all images were created by UNH faculty, staff or students.  To view a PDF version of the calendar, click here.

Sorting Flow Cytometer

Manufacturer:                   Sony

Model #:                             SH-800Z

Year of Manuf:                  2016

Year Acquired:                   2016

Location:                            Parsons Room W118




UNH Research Support Matrix for Compliance and Safety

The UNH Office of Environmental Health and Safety, with support from Research Integrity Services, Contracts & Export Controls Office, and UNHInnovation, is pleased to make available a new tool for UNH researchers.

The UNH Research Support Matrix for Compliance and Safety is a tool to help researchers at UNH identify the support units responsible for assisting with program compliance for research conducted in all academic endeavors.

2016 UNHCEMS® Users’ Meeting Rundown

This October the UNH Research Computing Center hosted the third annual UNHCEMS® Users’ Meeting for site administrators and Environmental Health & Safety professionals. UNHCEMS® is an online barcode-based system that records and manages information about the quantity, location, and properties of chemical stock, biological agents, radioactive materials, and hazardous waste across an entire campus.  More than 25 colleges, universities and corporations subscribe to UNHCEMS® for simplified chemical inventory management and reporting.

Now Available ~ Guidance on Payment of Incentives/Compensation to Research Participants

UNH Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) recently released guidance on Payment of Incentives/Compensation to Research Participants (Human Subjects).  According to Louise Griffin, Senior Director of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration, the guidance was developed to “…meet the increasing needs of the research community, minimize the administrative burden, and comply with

First UNH Assistive Technology Summit to Be Held on September 23

UNH is accomplishing tremendous work in the area of assistive technology. To build on this, the first UNH Assistive Technology Summit will be held on September 23, 2016 from 9 am – 3pm in the UNHInnovation Training Room 148, Madbury Commons (directions below). Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

BET Surface Area Analyzer

Manufacturer:                    Quantachrome                                    


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