Research Area: Sustainability & the Environment

Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC)

Partnership between NOAA and UNH that stimulates innovation in spill preparedness, response, assessment, and implementation of optimum spill recovery strategies

Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (CORE)

Interdisciplinary center for research, development and evaluation for ocean renewable energy systems, training the next generation of engineers, scientists and policy makers for advancing this new industry, and providing innovation and commercialization support for commercial developers of “hydrokinetic” energy systems

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

A multidisciplinary scientific research institute dedicated to understanding the integrated behavior of the Earth and its surrounding universe

Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy Research

aka Center for Clean and Renewable Energy Research
Provides organizational cohesion and enhances public recognition of the role of chemical engineering in the area of alternative/renewable energy research

Carsey School of Public Policy

Nationally-acclaimed resource for research, leadership development, and engaged scholarship relevant to public policy; addresses the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century, striving for innovative, responsive, and equitable solutions at all levels of government and in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors

UNH Research Areas - Welcome

UNH Research Areas

UNH research has had a notably positive impact on the community across a broad range of research areas, due to the efforts of faculty, students, and staff working in the colleges and focused research centers and institutes.

To learn more, explore each of the areas below, read SPARK, the UNH 2015 Research Review, or take a look at UNH Research, a digest of UNH research that made the news.


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