Research Area: Engineering & Physical Sciences

NASA Seeking Reviewers for Remote Sensing Water Quality and Airborne Instrument Technology Transition Programs

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate would like to direct scientists' attention to its new volunteer reviewer web form at

In addition to some Space Science programs, the Directorate currently is seeking reviewers specifically for the review of proposals to the Remote Sensing Water Quality (RSWQ) and Airborne Instrument Technology Transition (AITT) ROSES programs.

Earth Systems Research Center

Dedicated to understanding the Earth as an integrative system through study of Earth's ecosystems, atmosphere, water, and ice in all corners of the globe using field measurements, remote sensing and mathematical models to inform research that emphasizes basic science and the increasing role of humans as agents of environmental change

UNH Stormwater Center (UNHSC)

Acts as a unique technical resource for stormwater practitioners by studying a range of issues for specific stormwater management strategies including design, water quality and quantity, cost, maintenance, and operations

UNH InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL)

Acting as a non-profit, independent test lab, works with vendors of computer communication devices to resolve complex networking issues and to foster multi-vendor interoperability and/or conformance to standards while educating students for future employment

Space Science Center (SSC)

Fosters research and graduate education in all the space sciences, with studies ranging from the ionosphere, to the Earth’s magnetosphere, to the local solar system, out to the farthest reaches of the universe

Non-lethal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC)

Identifies and promotes development of innovative concepts, materials, and technologies within the academic community to effect the next generation of non-lethal weapon capability

NH Space Grant Consortium (NH Space Grant)

With support from NASA, stimulates and enhances science and mathematics education at all levels, providing motivation, improving quality, and increasing access for students, teachers, and the general public

New England Water Treatment Technology Assistance Center (NE-WTTAC )

Addresses the advanced water treatment technology needs of small communities and firms that need reliable, affordable systems for drinking water

Nanostructured Polymers Research Center (NPRC)

Fosters the development of complex polymeric materials based on multiple phases with significant structure at the nanometer scale

Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN)

NSF-funded partnership between UNH, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell that ocuses on developing tools and processes that will enable high-rate/high-volume, bottom-up, precise, parallel assembly of nanoelements


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