Research Area: Business & Technology

International Private Enterprise Center (IPEC)

Studies, evaluates and proposes public policies and managerial strategies to enhance the private sector's contributions to economic growth

Design and Manufacturing Laboratory (DML)

Integrating system modeling, interface design and sensor applications to develop laboratory technologies for practical industry application and, ultimately, an 'Intelligent Machining Workstation'

Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC)

Partnership between NOAA and UNH that stimulates innovation in spill preparedness, response, assessment, and implementation of optimum spill recovery strategies

Center for Venture Research (CVR)

Conducts multidisciplinary research on early stage equity financing for high growth ventures

Enterprise Integration Research Center

Conducts research focused on emerging technologies management, innovative IT applications and global enterprise management and engages in teaching initiatives and educational outreach

Business & Technology

Business research at UNH ranges from learning how people and organizations make decisions to finding out how to bring more out-of state skiers to New Hampshire’s slopes to the application of economic theory to management and policy problems related to land, marine, water, agricultural, forestry, fisheries and other natural resources. Looking for ways to optimize the use of current and emerging information technologies to support businesses, as well as for public and private uses, is a rapidly expanding focus.

UNH Research Areas - Welcome

UNH Research Areas

UNH research has had a notably positive impact on the community across a broad range of research areas, due to the efforts of faculty, students, and staff working in the colleges and focused research centers and institutes.

To learn more, explore each of the areas below, or take a look at UNH Research, a digest of UNH research that made the news in 2012.


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