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Serial Entrepreneurs: What Makes Them Successful?

Part of Global Entrepreneurial Week and in celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

You Will Learn:

From entrepreneurs who have successfully started and sold multiple companies

Big Data and Data Science Community of Interest Meeting

With the buzz of interest and activity around Big Data with various federal funding agencies, in particular the National Science Foundation (https://www.nsf.gov/cise/bigdata/index.jsp), UNH faculty and other researchers have an opportunity to come together, address the hard problems around Big Data, and propose unique projects that could bring new collaborations, innovations, educational opportunities, and external funding to UNH. 

NSF Proposal Components - Everything But the Project Description!

If you haven’t yet written a proposal to NSF or desire a refresher/update on using the most current NSF forms/formats for everything but the Project Description, you are invited to attend this workshop by a team of presenters including Lynnette Hentges, Michael Thompson, Patti Condon, and Karen Rooney. 

Presenters will cover NSF requirements and UNH resources to assist you with the preparation of:

Wildcatalyst Seminar: A Conversation About...University/Industry Collaborations in Renewable Energy Research

4:30 – 5:30     Seminar
5:30 – 6:30     Networking

Presenter: Martin Wosnik, Associate Professor, UNH Department of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Director, UNH Center for Ocean Renewable Energy


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