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Building Blocks for Your Career: Promoting Your Research


Beth Potier, Manager, Research & Outreach Communications
Sandra Rehan, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, COLSA
Shawna Hollen, Assistant Professor, Physics, CEPS

Audience: Faculty and Postdocs

Building Blocks for Your Career: Mentoring Graduate Students for Success

Graduate students need preparation to be the next generation of researchers and educators.

At this workshop, a panel of UNH faculty and administrators experienced in working with graduate students will discuss strategies to enhance grad student participation in research, to mentor grad students with regards to their teaching, and to improve grad students' grant seeking and writing skills.  

Building Blocks for Your Career: Collaborating at UNH

Collaboration is critical for a successful research career. By combining complementary skills and diverse perspectives, researchers are better able to tackle complex societal challenges and access a range of funding opportunities. However, building and sustaining collaborations can be challenging, especially when partners bridge departments, disciplines, schools, institutes, and colleges.

This session will provide guidance on finding and developing productive collaborative relationships, including discussing pitfalls and approaches to avoid those and reap the benefits.

Building Blocks for Your Career: Writing to Win: Crafting Persuasive Proposals

In an increasingly competitive funding environment, it is essential to make sure your proposal stands out from others under review. Telling a clear, compelling story is critical to your proposal’s success. This workshop will cover effective proposal writing techniques from the big picture to the sentence level. Grant writing pitfalls to avoid will also be discussed. 

Building Blocks for Your Career: Before You Write Your Next Proposal...

Effective strategies to identify appropriate funding opportunities for your project include more than just searching a database.  Assessing your readiness to submit and initiating contact with the sponsor(s) also can play key roles in determining the success of your efforts to secure funding.

This session will start by introducing a range of strategies and tools that help make funding searches more productive and efficient. The session will conclude with readiness assessment and relationship building strategies and tools.

October 2016 Ethical and Responsible Conduct of Research Training

The UNH Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity (RCR) Committee announces the availability of training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research.   

This training opportunity involves two components:


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