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Foundation Center Proposal Writing Seminar for UNH Faculty


  • Gain the competitive edge with a well-crafted proposal package  
  • Learn the best, most compelling way to present your information
  • Convince funders to become part of your success and stay committed


  • Cover letter, executive summary; your message to the grant maker
  • Statement of need; choosing data to support your cause

UNH Fulbright Day: Faculty Meetings with Fulbright Representative

Faculty can meet with Peter VanDerwater, Director of Outreach for the Fulbright Scholar Program, for approximately 15 minutes to find out more about Fulbright awards or to discuss the specifics of a proposed application.

Meetings are by appointment only.  To make an appointment, contact Lynnette Hentges at lynnette.hentges@unh.edu.

UNH Fulbright Day: Presentation for Faculty

Peter VanDerwater, Director of Outreach for the Fulbright Scholar Program, will:

Brokering Partnerships for Broader Impacts Activities

This workshop will provide an opportunity for investigators who are planning to submit a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation to meet and learn from potential partners for the broader impacts activities that are required.

The session will include:

Broadening Your Broader Impacts

The workshop will present ideas and advice for designing, planning, and presenting the Broader Impacts activities required as part of a research project grant proposal to the National Science Foundation. 

Topics to be covered include:

Insights From and Conversations With Recent UNH NSF CAREER Awardees and Reviewers

A panel of UNH faculty who have received CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation and/or served as reviewers for NSF grant proposals will share their experiences, including:

  • Strategies used to write excellent, competitive proposals
  • Insights on differences between NSF directorates and programs
  • Insights on how proposals were/are reviewed

Questions?  Contact Kathy Cataneo at k.cataneo@unh.edu or 862-0357.

Preparing to Contact and Meet with NSF Program Officers

This workshop will provide advice and guidance for investigators who want to establish a relationship with program officers at the National Science Foundation in advance of submitting a grant proposal.

Topics to be covered include:

NSF GRFP: Thinking Ahead

Designed for sophomores and juniors interested in finding funding for their graduate education, this session will provide:

Ethical and Responsible Conduct of Research Training

The UNH Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity (RCR) Committee announces the availability of training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research.   

This training opportunity involves two components:

Modules must have been completed prior to participation in the seminar.  Successful completion of the training requires completion of both components.

Registration for the seminar is required: Individuals must register for the training by Monday, April 20, 2015. 
Registration information is available at http://www.unh.edu/research/rcr-training-unh.

Finding and Securing Fellowships and Residencies in the Humanities & Arts

Presented by the Foundation Relations Office and the Research Development and Communications Office

Designed for tenured and tenure-track faculty in humanities and the arts, this workshop will cover strategies for:

  • Searching for potential funders
  • Making a compelling case for your project
  • Talking with other people to strengthen your approach
  • Getting support from UNH for your proposal

Come prepared to discuss your idea, do some drafting, and get some traction for your next proposal.


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