About the Research Office

Catalyst Seminar: A Conversation About... IP and Innovation

Come early, grab a beer, and chat with us!
     4:30 PM – 5:30 PM --- presentation
     5:30 PM – 6:30 PM --- networking with free beer and refreshments

UNH Aerospace & Defense Technology Day

9 AM - 1 PM Research Sandpit
1 PM - 4 PM Lab and Instrument Tour

Bring your innovative ideas, creativity, and problems that need solutions!

You are cordially invited to a valuable industry/university research collaboration opportunity.

You’ll have direct access to researchers from the University of New Hampshire and other companies, designed to identify and develop potential projects, solve business challenges, and accelerate scientific innovation in the aerospace and defense industries.

School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

As the first interdisciplinary school at UNH, serves as a nexus for marine science and ocean engineering teaching and research across the University, seeking to address today’s highly complex ocean and coastal challenges through integrated graduate education, research and engagement

Building Blocks for Your Career - Promoting Your Research

How to communicate your research to the public and improve your social media presence

If a tree – even a well-funded, IRB-approved, peer-reviewed tree – falls in the proverbial woods and no one hears it, your research might not have the impact it could. We’ll talk about taking research communication beyond the check-box on your grant proposal and making it integral to your work – and fun! Learn about talking to reporters, using social media, accessing communicators around the university, and the amazing communications tool you carry in your pocket.

Building Blocks for Your Career - Mentoring Graduate Students for Success

Graduate students need preparation to be the next generation of researchers and educators.

At this workshop, a panel of UNH faculty and administrators experienced in working with graduate students will discuss strategies to enhance grad student participation in research, to mentor grad students with regards to their teaching, and to improve grad students' grant seeking and writing skills.    

Building Blocks for Your Career - Writing to Win: Crafting Persuasive Proposals

In an increasingly competitive funding environment, it is essential to make sure your proposal stands out from others under review. Telling a clear, compelling story is critical to your proposal’s success.

This workshop will cover effective proposal writing techniques from the big picture to the sentence level. Grant writing pitfalls to avoid also will be discussed. 

Building Blocks for Your Career - Finding Funding: Strategies and Search Tools

Effective strategies for identifying funding opportunities for your project include more than just searching a database.

This workshop will introduce a range of approaches and tools that help make searching for funding more productive and efficient. It will include strategies to manage and optimize funding opportunity searches, and an overview of tools provided on the Research Office web site and on other web sites. 

Building Blocks for Your Career - Before You Write Your Next Proposal...

Before investing time in writing a proposal for a specific “call,” stepping back to do a readiness assessment can help you determine your best short and long term strategies to maximize success. Junior faculty may feel pressed to churn out numerous proposals in their first few years, perhaps without a well-developed 3-5 year plan; senior faculty may respond to an RFP with an impending deadline without considering competitive positioning.


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