About the Research Office


Mark Maciolek received a BS from Southern New Hampshire University and joined the UNH Research Computing Center in July of 1995.  

St. Lawrence


Bob St. Lawrence received a BS in Computer Science from UNH in 2000 and joined the UNH Research Computing Center in June of that same year. 

Bob’s primary responsibilities are database administration and web development. He has worked on projects that include Oracle database administration for RCI, Development of websites for GRANIT, Alumni, and others.  Bob did extensive work on ERMA to develop sites for locations such as Portsmouth Harbor, New England, and the Gulf of Mexico.



Allan Wright received a BS in Computer Science from UNH in 1989 and joined the UNH Research Computing Center in 1992.  Additionally, he worked for the Research Computing Center as a student operator while an undergraduate.


Jennifer Sorrell received a BA in Women’s Studies from UNH in 1998 and has provided administrative and managerial support in various industries including finance, government, and the private sector.

OSVPR Organizational Chart

Click HERE to see how the service units and other components of the Research Office are organized.

Directors and managers of the major units are identified. 

UIC Services

Routine Analysis: Samples may be submitted by campus researchers for routine analysis on any of the instruments within the UIC. Our professional staff is capable of performing the analysis and assisting in the interpretation of the results.

Hands-On Use of UIC Instruments: If a UIC instrument is to be used as a major tool in a research project, the UIC will provide training on the instrument to enable the researcher to become a certified operator.

UIC Engineering Services:



Patrick Messer received a BS in Civil Engineering from UNH in 1983 and a MS in Civil Engineering from UNH in 1985.  He started working for the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences in 1985 before moving to the Research Computing Center in 1987.


Nancy Cherim, Analytical Instrumentation Scientist IV, joined the University Instrumentation Center in April, 1984, to run and maintain our electron microscopes.   Although she has a background in biology, she also works with a diverse group of scientists including those involved in the fields of polymer, electrical and mechanical engineering research.  Her work also includes running and maintaining preparation equipment for the scanning and transmission electron microscopes. She works closely with professors involved in electron microscope coursework.


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