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Catalyst Seminar: Wrap-Up Celebration

We invite business owners, innovators, consultants, members of the UNH community, and anyone else to come together and enjoy an afternoon of sharing ideas, meeting new contacts, and celebrating another successful year of innovative speakers and valuable connections.

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Webinar: Developing a Corporate Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP)

Developing and implementing an Export Management and Compliance Program can be a challenge. While you may create a manual that touches on all the correct points and subjects, implementing that manual on the ground may be more challenging than initially planned, especially if you are dealing with multiple sites, products, and ERP systems.

Webinar: Compliance at Trade Shows

Trade shows are required events allowing U.S. companies to showcase their products and introduce the company and products to the international market.   Showcasing its product at trade shows requires that a U.S. company prepare its employees for the export issues that will arise and are unique to trade shows.

Webinar: Considerations for Exporting to China

Please email Melissa McGee to confirm location, or see the UNH Sponsored Programs blog for updates.

It is no secret that China’s economy is one of the world’s largest and continues to grow.  Many American companies have started to, or want to, enter the Chinese market. 

Webinar: Site Visits, Enforcement Actions, and Voluntary Disclosures

Over the past few years, the most significant development in U.S. export control and economic sanctions enforcement has been the proliferation of vigorous administrative, civil and criminal enforcement.  While the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, Treasury and Homeland Security have been aggressive with administrative and civil investigations and enforcement, the U.S.

Webinar: Government Contracting

United States Government Contracting may touch on many aspects of a company’s operations when operating in the defense sector.  The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs) regulate many aspects of the workplace when a company enters into a contract with the Unites States Government. 

Webinar: Deemed Exports

You can export without ever shipping the actual item out of the United States. If it employs foreign nationals or works with foreign subsidiaries, foreign distributors, or foreign buyers, a U.S. company must be aware of and avoid violating the Deemed Export Rule. 

Webinar: Legal Consideration and Best Practices for Developing an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Cyber-attacks and network intrusions aimed at stealing sensitive and proprietary business and trade information have become an almost daily occurrence in the U.S. private sector. While businesses are conscious of the need to protect their valuable intellectual property in whatever form it takes along the supply chain, from research and development to end-user sales, cyber-related instances, including cyber-espionage tactics, are becoming more sophisticated and pose a significant threat to the private sector.

Webinar: Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Items - Import Compliance Documentation

Is your company handling Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Items?  How does your customer send you the product?  Is your company importing raw material or components for assembly into your company’s products and re-exporting? 

This Webinar will cover the basics of temporary and permanent imports.


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