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Angela Flanagan received a BS in Mathematics with Computer Science from UNH in 1997.  She joined Research Computing and Instrumentation in 2012.  As a software developer, Angela is involved in building web-based database applications.

Hiring Process for Research Faculty

From the UNH Research Faculty Policy Guide: Employment and Benefits Policies Guidance for UNH Research Faculty


See: Office of the Provost Hiring Procedures

(Non tenure-track renewable appointments)

UNH Research Faculty Policy Guide

Employment and Benefits Policies Guidance for UNH Research Faculty

  • The Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research (OSVPR) compiled this guide that describes policies, procedures, and practices impacting UNH Research Faculty.
  • These policies, procedures and practices do not pertain to faculty in the UNH collective bargaining unit.

Effort Certification

What’s essential?

Principal investigators are responsible for ensuring that all effort commitments for their sponsored programs are:  regularly reviewed to reflect actual work performed; consistent with proposed effort; and, ultimately, certified.



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