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Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII)

The UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII) is a new tool to manage and search the extensive collection of instruments at UNH.

It has been developed by the Research Computing Center and University Instrumentation Center staff to provide a complete and accurate inventory of UNH’s scientific equipment and instruments for many purposes, including:

Effort Certification Reminder

To:  Principal Investigators and Project Directors, UNH Sponsored Programs Community

This is a reminder that all effort reports for FY12 activity must be reviewed, certified, and received in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) by September 30. Please return the completed certifications to your effort certification coordinator/BSC contact, clearly indicating any needed revisions. 

NH Charitable Foundation Announces Changes to its Competitive Grant Programs

Dear UNH Research Community, 

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research

Financial (and other) conflicts of interest can arise naturally from an individual’s engagement with the world beyond campus, and the existence of a conflict does not imply wrongdoing on anyone’s part.  When conflicts of interest arise, they must be recognized and eliminated or managed appropriately.


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