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Building Blocks for Your Career - Writing to Win: Crafting Persuasive Proposals

In an increasingly competitive funding environment, it is essential to make sure your proposal stands out from others under review. Telling a clear, compelling story is critical to your proposal’s success.

This workshop will cover effective proposal writing techniques from the big picture to the sentence level. Grant writing pitfalls to avoid also will be discussed. 

Building Blocks for Your Career - Finding Funding: Strategies and Search Tools

Effective strategies for identifying funding opportunities for your project include more than just searching a database.

This workshop will introduce a range of approaches and tools that help make searching for funding more productive and efficient. It will include strategies to manage and optimize funding opportunity searches, and an overview of tools provided on the Research Office web site and on other web sites. 

Building Blocks for Your Career - Before You Write Your Next Proposal...

Before investing time in writing a proposal for a specific “call,” stepping back to do a readiness assessment can help you determine your best short and long term strategies to maximize success. Junior faculty may feel pressed to churn out numerous proposals in their first few years, perhaps without a well-developed 3-5 year plan; senior faculty may respond to an RFP with an impending deadline without considering competitive positioning.


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