Equipment and Instrumentation

Equipment and Instrumentation

Scientific Instrumentation Inventory

The UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII) is a new tool to manage and search the extensive collection of instruments at UNH.

It has been developed by Research Computing and Instrumentation staff to provide a complete and accurate inventory of UNH’s scientific equipment and instruments for many purposes, including:

  • identifying potential collaborations, internal and external to UNH
  • providing easy access to information needed for research proposals to external sponsors
  • determining potential availability/accessibility for broader equipment use on campus
  • identifying opportunities to create “Core Facilities”
  • identifying opportunities to pool service contract coverage to use institutional funds efficiently
  • identifying when equipment/instruments need to be serviced or anticipate replaced

The SII was launched in October, 2012.


University Instrumentation Center (UIC)

The UIC is a core, University-wide facility dedicated to the advancement of the research and academic missions of UNH. It is open and available to all faculty, staff, and students.

Analytical and scientific services and support for the research community include:

Confocal Microscope

Zeiss LSM 510 Meta
Laser Scanning Microscope
Up to 8 Fluorophores/Specimen



Sodium D-Line Wavelength
Automatic Balancing & Gain Control


8 Element X-Ray Maps
Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis


Magnification: 100K
3-25K Accelerating Voltage
High Resolution Digital Imaging

Engineering Support

On-site Repair of Instrumentation
Maintenance and Calibration
Design Services
LabVIEW™ Support


Resolution of 0.24 nm
200 KV - Gatan Digital Imaging


Dual Laser - Four Color Regions
Cells or Particles - 1 to 50 um


Double Beam, Double Prism
175 nm to 3300 nm
Liquids and Solids
Multiple Cell Attachment
Absorbance – Transmittance Reflectance


Spectral Range of 7800 to 350 cm-1
Resolution of 0.4 cm-1
Liquids and Solids
Diamond ATR Accessory


Chemical Mapping
Depth Profiling
Up to 10 Angstroms Deep
30 Micron Imaging
Conductive or Insulated Samples


400 and 500 MHz
ID & BB Z-axis pfg
All Observable Nuclei
Variable Temperature Liquids



Life Sciences Shared Resources @ Dartmouth College

Norris Cotton Cancer Center provides a portfolio of Life Sciences Shared Resources: specialized equipment and instrumentation, as well as services and centralized consultation to support the application of these Shared Resources to research.

These resources are available to UNH researchers at the same cost as Dartmouth faculty would pay.

The Shared Resources portfolio includes:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • DartMouse - Speed Congenics
  • Genomics
  • GeoSpatial Resource
  • Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry
  • Irradiation & Small-Animal Imaging
  • Molecular Biology
  • Office of Clinical Research
  • Pathology Translational Research
  • Transgenics & Genetic Constructs
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