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UNH enables connections between business and the breakthroughs in research that fuel a more vibrant, competitive economy.

Learn how we can help you identify opportunities for your enterprise to engage with UNH research...


Engage with UNH Research

Identify the many ways you can connect your business with the emerging opportunities and research discoveries at the University of New Hampshire and beyond.


Find Research Area Experts

Use the lists provided to find an expert in a specific research area ... or to learn more about the breadth and depth of UNH Research.


Work with the Office for Partnerships and Commercialization (ORPC)

Follow Executive Director Marc Sedam on Twitter, and explore options for business/UNH partnerships with ORPC staff.


License a Technology

The University of New Hampshire offers a variety of patented technologies that are available currently for licensing and commercialization.


Attend a Workshop or Seminar


Take Advantage of Services and Facilities Provided at UNH


Connect with the University Instumentation Center for access to major equipment and scientific instruments.

Contact Research Computing and Instrumentation for computing, programming and other research IT support.

Work with the InterOperability Laboratory to take advantge of its collaborative testing programs in over 20 data networking and storage technologies.

Explore the college and department webpages listed in the UNH Research Areas to find assistance related to those areas.

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