Multi-Year Encumbrances in Banner - Postponed

Multi-Year Encumbrances in Banner - Postponed

Sep 21, 2010

One of the enhancements of Banner 8.x is multi-year encumbering, the ability to encumber payroll and fringe benefits across fiscal years.   This is functionality that we have mentioned at GMAF meetings and other venues.

Suzanne Huard has been meeting with Carol Powers and Alice Samuel to work on this functionality and a hiccup surfaced at the last moment that will cause us to postpone our use of this new feature.    In a nutshell, according to Alice, the summary ledgers in Banner do not provide any mechanism to segregate the current year values from the future year values.

The good news is that the functionality is primed and ready to be used once this and any other remaining issues are resolved.   There are EPAFs ready to roll out with an MYE field that will remain a no-visit field until we are completely ready to start the process

Please do keep in mind, as we anticipate the use of this new functionality, that it is totally and completely optional.   Decisions to allow MY encumbrances can occur at the fund level or even on an employee by employee level.   We will provide more information re MY encumbrances as the situation evolves.  We will provide information sessions re the new functionality when we are ready to roll it out.

If you would like detailed information re Alice Samuel’s analysis and potential next steps, send email requesting same to

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