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At UNH, ‘research’ encompasses exploration in all academic endeavors, from science and math to the humanities and arts. This website is a gateway to the spectrum of UNH research, providing information and support for researchers, businesses, and others who seek connection and opportunity. Leadership and support for the research community is provided by the Research Office led by Senior Vice Provost for Research Jan Nisbet.

  • Western mouse
    Small Mammal Fossils and Contemporary Data Help UNH Researcher Understand Changes in Ecosystems
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  • Scientists deploy a CTD rosette, which allows them to measure basic properties of seawater including salinity, temperature, depth, oxygen, chlorophyll, and the concentration of particles in the water.
    UNH Oceanographer Leads NOAA’s East Coast Ocean Acidification Expedition
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  • A single, mature hardy kiwi plant can yield up to  100 pounds of fruit. Credit: NH Agricultural Experiment Station
    UNH Professor Works to Develop Cold-hardy Kiwifruit as a High-value Crop for New England Farmers
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  • UNH Research Digest ‒ June 2015
    UNH Research Digest ‒ June 2015
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  • SPARK - UNH 2015 Research Review
    SPARK: Learn about recent research from UNH — moose to microbes, pollinators to prime number theory — in this new publication
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Upcoming Events

Asbestos Awareness Training
9:00 am to 11:00 am, MUB 302
Webinar: Fundamentals of the NIH and the NIH Grants Process
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, MUB Theater I, Room 311
Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity Training
12:30 pm to 4:00 pm, MUB 330/332

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