As the cornerstone of any higher education, academic and disciplinary literacy is the concern of the entire faculty and the whole university curriculum. Understanding that literacy is a long-term development process, the university community is committed to the following goals for student writing and learning:

a) Students should use writing as an intellectual process to learn material, to discover, construct, and order meaning.

b) Students should learn to write effectively in various academic and disciplinary genres for professional lay audiences.

c) Students should learn to display competence with the generic features and conventions of academic language.

"Writing-Intensive" Courses

All undergraduates admitted as freshmen for Fall 1998 or Spring 1999, all undergraduates admitted as freshmen or sophomores for Fall 1999 or Spring 2000, and all undergraduates admitted for Fall 2000 or later will be required to complete four "writing-intensive" courses which must included English 401, First-Year Writing, and three additional "writing-intensive" courses, one of which must be in the student's major, and one of which must be at the 600-level or above.  Students with two or more majors must take one "writing intensive" course in EACH major.  These courses cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

NOTE:   WRITI for "writing Intensive", GN1-8 for General Education Coruses and WS, INQ, BS, PS, FPA, HP, HUMA, SS, WC and ETS for Discovery Program will be used in the Time & Room Schedule course-listings to identify them..   For Example:

ENGL 401 02 50008 First-Year Writing 4.0 MWF   08:15am   9:00am    HS 125 STAFF
All sections of ENGL 401 are Discovery Program category WS, General Education category 1 and "writing-intensive" .

ANSC 600W 01 51769 Field Experience VAR Hrs Arranged TBA STAFF
ANSC 600W is "writing-intensive.

ANSC 600 01 51021 Field Experience VAR Hrs Arranged TBA STAFF
ANSC 600 is not “Writing-Intensive”.

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