Summer Session 2011 Credit Course List

Undergraduate/Graduate Credit Course List


Thompson School Credit Course List
Baccalaureate degree candidates may take Thompson School 200-numbered courses for credit with the following stipulations:

  1.  The TSAS course must be transferable to a Baccalaureate program at the time it is taken.

  2. Grades received in 200-numbered courses will be recorded on the student’s transcript but will not be included in the student’s GPA.

  3. TSAS courses may not be used for general education, writing intensive, or foreign language requirements. TSAS courses may be used for  major or minor requirements only if specifically approved on a course-by-course basis by the department granting the major or minor and when the student meets the usual minimal grade requirements of that program.

  4. BA/BS candidates must earn a grade of C or better to receive credit for Thompson School courses. Baccalaureate students may add Thompson School courses with permission of current adviser and the Thompson School.