J-Term 2011 Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Courses: (Numbered 200-799)

1–4 credits:

Graduate Courses: (Numbered 800-999)

1–4 credits:


January Term Courses and the GI Bill(s)
Students who are less than ½ time for either Fall 2010 or Spring 2011, and students who are on Active Duty will receive additional GI Bill benefits for a January Term course. During a January Term course of
at least 2 credits, you will be full‐time so that will increase your monthly payment for the duration of the course.

If you are already enrolled full‐time for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, you would already receive your regular full‐time monthly payment at the end of December and January. So, for students who are fulltime both semesters, the January Term course only affects the Post 9/11 GI bill (Chapter 33) recipients because they will also receive the additional tuition and fees for the January Term course.

Chapter 33 students take note: The VA has clarified its regulations on break‐period school terms such as our January Term courses. If you are enrolled at least 51% (7 credits or more) for the Fall semester, and
at least 51% (7 credits or more) for the Spring semester, you will receive full BAH payments on January 1st (for December) and February 1st (for January) regardless of whether the January Term course is inclass,
or on‐line, or independent study. You will of course also receive the tuition and fees for the course. And, because you would receive the BAH over the entire break period anyway, taking a January Term course does not use up any more of your benefits than not taking one.