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Table of Contents

[1] Writing Skills

ENGL 401 Freshman English

[2] Quantitative Reasoning

ADM  430* Intro to Business Statistics
ADMN 420 Business Statistics
BIOL 528 Applied Biostatistics I
CIS  425* Intro to Computer Programming
CS 405 Intro Appl Prog w/Visual Basic
CS 407 Intro Computer Prog w/Java 
CS 410 Intro Scientific Programming
EREC 525 Statistical Methods&Applicatns
HHS  540 Stats for Hlth/Hum Serv Prfsnl
MATH 420 Finite Mathematics
MATH 424A Calculus for Social Sciences
MATH 424B Calculus for Life Sciences
MATH 425 Calculus I
MATH 439 Stats Discovery For Everyone
PHIL 412 Beginning Logic
PSYC 402 Statistics in Psychology
SOC  502 Statistics

[3B] Biological Sciences

ANSC 401 Animals and Society
ANTH 415  Human Evolution, Fossils & DNA
BIOL 411 Principles of Biology I
BIOL 412 Principles of Biology II
BIOL 413* Principles of Biology I
BIOL 414* Principles of Biology II 
BIOL 416 Watershed Watch-Research Exper
BIOL 420 Intro to Forensic Sciences
BSCI 405* Diversity of Life
BSCI 406* Human Organism
BSCI 431* Microbes, True Masters Planet

ECE 444 Bionics
HMP  501 Epidemiology&Communty Medicine
KIN 527 Sci Foundations Health&Fitness
KIN 607 Biology of Aging
MICR 407 Germs 101
MICR 501 Microbes in Human Disease
MLS 444 Biology Health & Human Disease
NR 410 Insects and Society
NR 433 Wildlife Ecology
NUTR 400 Nutrition Health & Well Being
OT 513 Stressed Out
PBIO 400 Plants and Civilization
PBIO 412 Introductory Botany
PBIO 421 Introductory Horticulture
ZOOL 401 Human Biology
ZOOL 412 Biology of Animals
ZOOL 444A Intro Aquatic Invasive Species
ZOOL 474 Introduction to Marine Science
ZOOL 507 Human Anatomy and Physiology
ZOOL 508 Human Anatomy and Physiology

[3P] Physical Sciences

CHEM 403 General Chemistry
CHEM 404 General Chemistry
CHEM 405 General Chemistry
CHEM 409 Chemistry and Society
ESCI 401 Principles of Geology
ESCI 402 Earth History
ESCI 405 Global Environmental Change
ESCI 409 Environmental Geology
ESCI 420 Our Solar System
ESCI 444 Water - How Much is Enough?
ESCI 501 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOG 473 Elements of Weather
NR 504 Freshwater Resources
PHYS 401 Introduction to Physics I 
PHYS 402 Introduction to Physics II 
PHYS 406 Intro to Modern Astronomy
PHYS 407 General Physics I
PHYS 408 General Physics II
PHYS 444A The Big Bang

[3T] Technology

BIOL 404 Biotechnology and Society
BIOL 444A Biotechnology and Society
BIOL 520* Our Changing Planet
BSCI 421* Diseases of the 21st Century
BSCI 422* Biotechnology and Society
CHE 410 Energy and Environment
CHEM 444A Fire and Ice
CHEM 444B Symmetry in Nature
CIE 444 Everyone Needs a Place to Live
CIS 405* Intro Internet & Web Authoring
CIS 411* Intro to Computer Applications 
CIS 515* Multimedia: Intro+Applications
CS  401 Computer Applications
CS 403 Online Network Exploration
ENE 520 Environmntl Pollutn & Protectn
HMP 444 Frankenstein to Dolly, & Beynd
JUST 405 Technology, Crime, & Society
MICR 444 Frankenstein to Dolly, & Beynd
MS 401 Science of Stuff
NR 415 Global Biological Change
NR 435 Contemporary Conservatn Issues
NR 444 Endangered Species
NR 444A How to Change the World
NR 444B The Real Dirt
NR 444C Dynamics of a Changing Earth
NR 444D Why Hunt
NR 444E  Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
NR 502 Forest Ecosyst & Environ Chang
NURS 450 Making Babies
PBIO 405 Organic Food Production
PHIL 447 Computer Power & Human Reason
PHIL 450 Ecology and Values
PHYS 444 Myths & Misconcept Nuclear Sci
TECH 583 Technology: Cultural Aspects
ZOOL 444 Dogs to Dragons

[4] Historical Perspectives

AMST 444D History Behind Everyday Life

ANSC 415 Women and Science
ANSC 444 Women and Science
ANSC 444B Horse Power
CHEM 444 Element of Chemistry
CLAS 405 Intro to Greek Civilization
CLAS 406 Intro to Roman Civilization
CLAS 550 Women in Antiquity
ENGL 515 Survey of American Literature
FS 444  Stories&Stereotypes Asian Amer
GEOG 680 Historical Geography
HIST 405 History of Early America
HIST 406 History of Modern US
HIST 410 Historic Survey Amer Civiliztn
HIST 421 World History to 16th Century
HIST 422 World History in Modern Era
HIST 435 Western Civilization
HIST 436 Western Civilization
HIST 444  Thru Their Eyes: The Civil War
HIST 444A When is War the Answer
HIST 444B Revolutions Across America
HIST 444C World War Propaganda
HIST 444D Slavery and Society in Africa
HIST 444E* Americans at War
HIST 483 History of World Religions
HIST 497 Expl Historical Perspectives
HIST 505 African American History
HIST 506 African American History
HIST 511 History of New Hampshire
HIST 521 Origins of Modern Science
HIST 522 Science in the Modern World
HIST 531 Intro Latin-Amer&the Caribbean
HIST 532 Modern Latin America
HIST 565 Women in Modern Europe
HIST 567 History of Canada
HIST 579 Hist of China in Modern Times
HIST 680 HIstorical Geography
HMP  505 Public Health:Hist & Practice
HUMA 510C Ancient World
HUMA 511C Medieval World
HUMA 512C Renaissance and Early Modern
HUMA 513C Modern World
HUMA 514C 20th Century, 1900-1945
HUMA 515C 20th Century, 1945-1999
ITAL 681A Italian Cult: Ancient & Mediev
ITAL 682A Ital Cult: Early Mod & Contemp
KIN 444B Coolest Game?:Hockey & History
KIN  561 Hist Amer Sport& Physical Cult

MLS 444B Unseen Menace
POLT 403 United States in World Affairs
POLT 508 Supreme Court & Constitution
RS 483 History of World Religions

[5] Foreign Culture

ADMN 685 Study Abroad
ANTH 411 Global Perspectives:Intro Anth
ANTH 500 Peoples & Cultures of World
ANTH 512 Intro to World Ethnography
ANTH 515 Anthro & Contemporary Issues
ANTH 650 Discovery Guatemala
CHIN 425 Intro Chinese Cultre & Society
CHIN 503 Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 504 Intermediate Chinese
ENGL 581 Intro Postcolonial Lit in Engl
FREN 425 Introduction to French Studies
FREN 426 Intro to Francophone Studies
FREN 503 Intermediate French
FREN 504 Intermediate French
FREN 525 Intro to French Civ & Culture
FREN 526 Intro to Francophone Cultures
FREN 690 Study Abroad in Dijon France
GEOG 401 Regnl Geography Western World
GEOG 402 Rgnl Geography Non-Westrn Wrld
GEOG 541 Geography of Japan
GERM 503 Intermediate German
GERM 504 Intermediate German
GERM 523 Women and German Film
GERM 524 Special Topics in German Film 
GERM 525 Intro German Cult & Civiliztn
GREK 503 Intermediate Classical Greek
GREK 504 Intermediate Classical Greek
GREK 505 Intermediate Modern Greek
GREK 506 Intermediate Modern Greek
HIST 425 Foreign Cultures
HIST 563 Intro Russian Culture&Civilztn
INTR 438* Sociocult Perspec on Deaf Comm
INCO 585 Foreign Exchange
INCO 655 London Program
INCO 657 Justice Studies Budapest Prog
INCO 685 Study Abroad 
ITAL 425 Intro to Italian Studies
ITAL 503 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 504 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 525 Italian Cinema
ITAL 685 UNH-in-Italy Study Abroad
JPN 425 Intro Japanese Cult & Civilztn
JPN 503 Intermediate Japanese
JPN 504 Intermediate Japanese
LATN 503 Intermediate Latin
LATN 504 Intermediate Latin
LLC 444A Love and Nation in German Film
LLC 444B France and the European Union
NR 660 Ecology & Biogeog/New Zealand
POLT 553 Politics in Developing World
POLT 555 Politics in Russia
POLT 556 Politics in China
RUSS 425 Contemp Russian Society&Cult
RUSS 503 Intermediate Russian
RUSS 504 Intermediate Russian
SPAN 503 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 504 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 525 Spanish Civilization & Culture
SPAN 526 Latin American Civil & Culture

[6] Fine Arts

AMST 444C Photographing America
ARTS 444 Mona Lisa to Romeo and Juliet
ARTS 444A Futurism and The Arts
ARTS 480 Introduction to Art History
ARTS 487 Themes and Images in Art
ARTS 532 Introductory Drawing
ARTS 570 Art of the Ancient World
ARTS 571 Art of the Middle Ages
ARTS 572 Art of the Age of Humanism
ARTS 573 Art of the Modern World
ARTS 574 Architectural History
ARTS 580 History of Art to 1400
ARTS 581 History of Art 1400 to Present
CA 502*  Image and Sound
CLAS 510  Building Rome
FREN 522 French Drama in Translation
HUMA 510A Ancient World
HUMA 511A Medieval World
HUMA 512A Renaissance and Early Modern
HUMA 513A Modern World
HUMA 514A 20th Century,1900-1945
HUMA 515A 20th Century, 1945-1999
INCO 480 Arts in Society
LLC 444D Love in Disguise
MUSI 401 Introduction to Music
MUSI 402 Survey of Music History
MUSI 444 Music & Soc Change in America
MUSI 501 History & Literature of Music
MUSI 502 History & Literature of Music
MUSI 511 Survey of Music in America
PHIL 421 Philosophy and the Arts
THDA 435 Introduction to Theatre
THDA 436 History of Theatre I
THDA 438 History of Theatre II
THDA 442 Intro to the Art of Acting
THDA 444 
THDA 450 History Musicl Theatre America
THDA 459 Stagecraft
THDA 461 Modern Dance I
THDA 462 Ballet I
THDA 463 Theatre Dance I
THDA 487 Dance
THDA 546 Costume Design for the Theatre
THDA 548 Stage Lighting Design&Executn
THDA 583 Introduction to Puppetry

[7] Social Science

ADMN 444 Corp Soc Response Global Econ
ANSC 405 Food and Society
ANSC 444A Animal Ethics
ANTH 412 Adventures in Archaeology
ANTH 625 Female, Male, and Society
CD 415 Community Devlpmnt Prspectives
CLAS 506 Intro Compar&Hist Linguistics
CMN 455 Intro to Mass Communication
CMN 457 Intro Interpersonal Communcatn

DS 444 Meaning of Entrepreneurship
ECN  411* Intro to Macroeconomic Prin
ECN  412* Intro to Microeconomic Princ
ECON 401 Principles of Economics Macro
ECON 402 Principles of Economics Micro
EDUC 444 Learning to Learn
EDUC 444A Reflective Learning
EDUC 444B Active Citizen/Multicult World
ENGL 405 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 444B Secret Lives of Words
ENGL 444F Language Matters in America
EREC 409 Catastrophe and Terrorism
EREC 411 Envrnmntl&Res Econ Perspectves
FS 525 Human Development
FS 545 Family Relations
GEOG 581 Human Geography
GEOG 582 Economic Geography
GERO 600 Introduction to Gerontology
HHS 444 The Right to be Disabled
HHS  510 AIDS:Hlth, Ethics & Soc Agenda
HMP  401 U.S. Health Care Systems
HUMA 510D Ancient World
HUMA 511D Medieval World
HUMA 512D Renaissance and Early Modern
HUMA 513D Modern World
HUMA 514D 20th Century, 1900-1945
HUMA 515D 20th Century, 1945-1999
INCO 401 War
INCO 402 Peace
KIN  444A  Risk and the Human Experience
KIN 444C Amped Up
KIN 560 Sport Psychology
LING 405 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 444B Secret Lives of Words
LING 444F Language Matters in America

MGT 444 Meaning of Entrepreneurship
NURS 535 Death and Dying
NUTR 405 Food and Society
POLT 402 Intro to American Government
POLT 444 Science, Society and Politics
POLT 504 American Presidency
POLT 505 American Congress
POLT 560 World Politics
POLT 565 US-Latin American Relations
POLT 566 Foreign Policies Asia/Pacific
POLT 567 Politics of Global Resources
PS 501* Social & Political-Econ Theory
PSYC 401 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 444 Paranormal Phenomena
PSYC 444A Individual and Community
RMP 444 Building a Culture of Peace
RMR 444A Taking Dis out of Disability
RMP 490 Recreation &Leisure in Society
RMP 570 Community Sys Plan & Devlpment
SOC 400 Introductory Sociology
SOC 444 Social Mobility &Social Change
SOC 444A Society in the Arctic
SOC 520 Family
SOC 530 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 540 Social Problems
SW 444 You Got Troubles, I Got Mine
SW 525 Intro Social Welfare Policy
SW 550 Human Behavior&Soc Envirnmt I
WS 401 Intro to Women's Studies
WS 444 Construct Gender Ident &Expres

[8] Works of Phil,Lit,&Ideas

AMST 444A Portable, Exportable Nation
AMST 444B New Orleans Place, Meaning Con
AMST 501 Intro to American Studies
AMST 502 Intro African-Amer Lit & Cult
ANTH 450 Intro Race, Culture, and Power
BIOL 444 Emergence of Life in Universe
CLAS 401Classical Mythology
CLAS 410A Sports and Spectacle
CLAS 410B Greek and Roman Religion
CLAS 410C Ancient Stage
CLAS 421 Major Greek Authors in English
CLAS 422 Major Roman Authors in English
CLAS 444 Individual & Soc Ancient World
CLAS 444A Individual & Soc Ancient Drama
CLAS 444B Gilgamesh to Gandalf
CLAS 500 Topics in World Literature
CMN 456 Propaganda and Persuasion
ECN 444* Power
ECS  400 Europe
ECS 550 Critical Mthd Cultural Studies
ENGL 403 Exploring Literature
ENGL 419 Intro to Literary Analysis
ENGL 444C College
ENGL 444D Irish Identity
ENGL 444E Lions and Tigers and Books
ENGL 444G Ethnic Literature in America
ENGL 511 Major Writers in English
ENGL 513 Survey of British Literature
ENGL 514 Survey of British Literature
ENGL 516 Survey of American Literature
ENGL 517 Intro African Amer Lit & Cult
ENGL 518 Bible as Literature
ENGL 521 Nature Writers
ENGL 522 American Literary Folklore
ENGL 523 Madness in Literature
ENGL 530 Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 531 Introduction to Drama
ENGL 532 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 533 Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL 555 Introduction to Irish Studies
ENGL 585 Intro to Women in Literature
ENGL 586 Introduction to Women Writers
ENGL 651 Comparative Literature
ENGL 657 Shakespeare
ENGL 681 Intro African Lit in English
ENGL 685Women's Literary Traditions
FREN 500 Topics in World Literature
FREN 651 Readings in French Literature
FREN 652 Readings in French Literature
GERM 500 Topics in World Literature
GERM 521 Major German Authors in Englsh
HIST 484 Patterns in World Religions
HUMA 401 Introduction to Humanities
HUMA 411* Humanities I
HUMA 412* Humanities II
HUMA 444 Idea of University
HUMA 444A* Everlasting Fame
HUMA 444B* Native Son
HUMA 500 Critical Methods in Humanities
HUMA 510B Ancient World
HUMA 511B Medieval World
HUMA 512B Renaissance and Early Modern
HUMA 513B Modern World
HUMA 514B 20th Century, 1900-1945
HUMA 515B 20th Century, 1945-1999
HUMA 519* Classical Greece
HUMA 650 Humanities and the Law
HUMA 651 Humanities and Science
INCO 450 Intro Race, Culture and Power
ITAL 500 Topics in World Literature
ITAL 521 Italian Lit Translation 13-16C
ITAL 522 Italian Lit Translation 18-20C
ITAL 651 Intro Italian Cult&Civilztn I
ITAL 652 Intro Italian Cult&Civilztn II
ITAL 681B Italian Cult: Ancient & Mediev
ITAL 682B Ital Cult: Early Mod & Contemp
LLC 440 Cult Approaches Film & Fascism
LLC 444 Walls: Mortar and Metaphor
LLC 444C World of Salvador Dali
PHIL 401 General Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 417 Philosophical Reflect Religion
PHIL 424 Science, Technology, & Society
PHIL 430 Society and Morals
PHIL 435 Human Nature and Evolution
PHIL 436 Human Nature and Evolution
PHIL 444 Remaking Nature/Ethics & Polt
PHIL 444A Concepts of Self
PHIL 520 Intro to Eastern Philosophy
PHIL 525 Existentialism
PHIL 540 Philosophy of Race and Racism
PHIL 560 Philosophy Through Literature
PHIL 570 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 570H Honors/Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 660 Law, Medicine, and Morals
POLT 401 Politics and Society
POLT 407 Law and Society
POLT 444A Democracy Its Character
POLT 520 Justice & Political Community
POLT 521 Rights & Political Community
POLT 522 Dissent & Political Community
POLT 523 American Political Thought
POLT 524 Politics and Literature
PORT 500 Topics in World Literature
PSYC 571 Great Psychologists
RMP 511 Iss Wilderness Nature Amer Soc
RS  484 Patterns in World Religions
RUSS 500 Topics in World Literature
RUSS 521 Devils, Deities, Mad Russ Lit
RUSS 522 Morality, Sex & Revol Russ Lit
RUSS 593 Myths, Visions Issues Russ Lit
SPAN 500 Topics in World Literature
SPAN 522 Latn Amer&Brazil Lit Translatn
SPAN 650 Intro to Critical Analysis
SPAN 651 Intro Spanish Lit & Thought
SPAN 652 Intro Spanish Lit & Thought
SPAN 653 Intro Latin Amer Lit & Thought
SPAN 654 Intro Latin Amer Lit & Thought
WS 405  Gender, Power and Privilege
*UNHM Courses

(BA candidates must also satisfy a Foreign Language requirement)

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