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Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Information

Leaves of Absence

Students who wish to leave UNH for one or two semesters with intentions of returning to complete degree requirements, who have completed at least one year of coursework and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 may apply for a leave of absence. The reason for the leave (if not related to military duty) must be academically related to your degree program.

Students interested in applying for leave of absence should contact the Leave Coordinator, Colette Bazylinski, (603) 862-1509 at the Registrar’s Office prior to the first day of classes of the semester of intended leave. Applications are subject to approval by the following offices:

  • Your Major department
  • Your College Dean's office
  • Housing office (if you currently live a dormitory or University apartments)

A leave of absence may impact student loan deferment and/or loan repayment. Remember to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid status.

Students should return the completed application form with signatures to the Registrar's Office, Stoke Hall for processing.

Important Deadlines about returning to UNH after a leave of absence:

Students must notify the Leave of Absence Coordinator by the dates listed below (either by phone or in writing) of their intention of returning:

  • April 1 to return for the Fall Semester

  • October 1 to return for the Spring Semester

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawing from the University is a major decision. You may wish to consider taking a leave of absence, if you are eligible, or taking a reduced course load. There are many resources available to you on campus to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.