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Undergraduate Degree Students

Detailed Registration Instructions:

  1. Meet with your adviser and select courses. In general, Freshmen and Sophomores may not register for 700-level courses. Any questions about specific courses should be directed to your advisor. No graduate credit will be given for 600 or 700-level courses in which Freshmen and Sophomores are enrolled. Undergraduates may register for graduate-level courses only with permission of the Graduate School. It is your responsibility to meet all prerequisites or other requirements for classes. If you do not meet prerequisites, or if you attempt to register for courses not approved by your adviser, those courses may be removed from your schedule.
  2. Enter your course selections on your Registration Worksheet and have your adviser sign it. List your courses in priority order, with single section courses listed first. Select alternate sections and/or alternate courses in advance to save time while you complete the registration process.
  3. Get your RAC (Registration Access Code) and your registration time from your adviser. Your RAC allows you to register during your appointed time and cannot be changed. Undergraduates will be issued a new RAC every semester. If you lose your RAC and have used it at least once, go to Registration menu on Webcat and select "View RAC".
  4. Sign up for any “Department Approval Required” courses in the department office (you must register for these courses via Webcat after signing up in the department office). Obtain permission slips for any “Permission Required” courses from the instructor of the course; then go to the department office before you register for the course on Webcat.
  5. Login to Webcat before your registration window opens. Check to make sure your account is active and you have no holds on your account. Some holds will prevent you from completing the registration process.
      • To check for holds:
        • Login to myUNH
        • Select Webcat
        • Select Registration
        • Select View Holds
    • Register after your “First Time to Register” (this information is on your RAC notice). When you register, you should use the information on the worksheet and follow the instructions to complete your registration.
        • Please note the following:
          • Unpaid bills may prevent your registration. You can check Webcat to see if you have a “hold”. See #5 above on info on how to check for holds.
          • Registration is limited to a maximum of 18 credits until classes begin. Exceptions apply to those majors with programs requiring more than 18 credits. Consult with your Advisor.
          • Students can register up to a maximum of 20 credits starting the Tuesday before semester classes begin. Minimum GPAs are required: PAUL (3.0); TSAS (2.8); UNHM (3.0); all other colleges (2.0). Students wishing to carry more than 20 credits must petition their dean and pay a surcharge.
        • Students seeking to:
          • Repeating a lecture without the required lab.
          • Take a major, class, college restricted course.
            • Must either have the department override on the database before registering or complete a Registration Override Form and bring to the Registrar's Office in Stoke Hall before registering for these courses.
          • Students seeking to override time conflict, must submit a petition to his/her dean's office. Petition needs signature of both instructors and advisor.
      • If you are unable to register for a complete schedule, please contact your adviser immediately for assistance.
      • Part-Time Students (Under 12 credits): Any undergraduate degree candidate who would like to attend UNH on a part-time basis may do so. There is no special permission required, and it is not necessary to withdraw or register through Continuing Education. Students should contact Business Services regarding billing adjustments.
      • Print your schedule by returning to the Registration menu and selecting Printable Schedule or Student Detail Schedule.