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Graduate Degree Students

Detailed Registration Instructions:

  1. Graduate Student RAC (Registration Access Code): No RAC required.
  2. Graduate Continuing Enrollment & Doctoral Research GRAD 800/900/899/999: Detailed information.
  3. Continuing Graduate Students: Are expected to register by the first day of classes.
  4. Late Registration: Students who register after the published deadline will incur a late fee.
  5. Accelerated Masters Program Admits: Must go to the Graduate School and fill out a petition to add 800 level coursework.
  6. Degree Status Discontinued: Students who do not register and pay by the published deadlines in the Academic Calendar (Graduate School) will have their degree status discontinued. Students who wish to resume their academic program will need to petition for reinstatement and pay a reinstatement fee and any other applicable late fees.
  7. UNH Manchester Registration: Students who are registering for courses at both the Durham and Manchester locations may complete their registration and payment at both sites or at a single site.
  8. Financial Obligations and Billing: Students registering on or after the first day of classes are expected to pay tuition and fees at the time of registration Students with unpaid bills may be dropped from their courses if payment is not received by the published deadlines. Bills are published to each student's MyUNH/Webcat account and not sent by postal mail. Notifications are sent to a students' UNH assigned email account.

    Students planning to use payroll deduction should make arrangements no later than the first week of the semester.

    Information about billing, making web payments and dates from the Business Office.
  9. Before you register: Login to MyUNH/Webcat before your registration window opens. Check to make sure your account is active and you have no holds on your account. Some holds will prevent you from completing the registration process.
      • To check for holds:
        • Select Webcat/Services tab
        • Select Student Services and Financial Aid
        • Select Student Records
        • Select View Holds
      • Maximum Load: The maximum graduate load of 16 credits (12 credits for a student on a full assistantship). Only under unusual circumstances will a student be allowed to exceed these limits, and then only with the recommendation of the student's adviser and graduate program coordinator and the approval of the dean of the Graduate School.
    • Scheduling Assistance: Parent's needing assistance scheduling classes around your children's school/daycare hours, or a non-traditional student needing assistance scheduling classes around a full time (35+ hours), (M-F) job, contact the Office of the Registrar, BEFORE registration begins.
    • Print your schedule by returning to the Registration menu and selecting Printable Schedule or Student Detail Schedule.