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Graduation & Diplomas

Apply to Graduate

When you apply to graduate, you are informing the Registrar’s Office of the term you expect to complete all of your degree requirements. This is not the same as participating in the May Commencement ceremony. See below for some information about the ceremony.

Three Graduation Dates

The University has three possible graduation dates each year:

  • May (The actual date will correspond with the Commencement ceremony date for that year.)
  • September 1st (No ceremony)
  • December 31st (No ceremony)

(Please NOTE: There is only one Commencement ceremony each year and it is in May.)

To correctly apply to graduate you must select the term that corresponds to the semester in which you will have completed all of your degree requirements.

If you will finish your degree requirments in:

  • January Term:
    • Choose "SPRING": the graduation date on your diploma will be the May Commencement date.
  • Spring Semester:
    • Choose "SPRING": the graduation date on your diploma will be the May Commencement date.
  • Summer Session:
    • Choose "SUMMER": the graduation date on your diploma will be September 1.
  • Fall Semester:
    • Choose "FALL": the graduation date on your diploma will be December 31.


Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadlines to apply to graduate. All coursework must be complete and graded by the graduation date for which you apply. Any Incomplete grades in your final semester will prevent you from graduating.

How to Apply

Apply to graduate on Webcat (Student Records>Graduation>Apply to Graduate) by following these steps

  1. Click the “Apply to Graduate” link. This brings you to the "Curriculum Term Selection" menu. This may NOT be the term you plan on graduating. This menu determines what program(s) you are currently active in that you may apply to graduate from. Select the term that is closest to whatever the current term is. e.g. if you are filing your intent in April of 2013 then you would select the term closest to Spring 2013. Click the "Submit" button.
  2. The next screen, "Curriculum Selection," will show all the program(s) you are eligible to graduate from based on the term you just selected in step 1. If you do not see your program try returning to the previous menu and verify you have selected the correct term.
  3. Select the degree you wish to file for and click the "Continue" button.
  4. You are now at the "Graduation Date Selection." This is where you pick the term/date you actually plan to graduate.
  5. The remaining screens are self-explanatory. You will be shown your name as it will appear on your diploma (contact the Registrar's Office if you need to make any changes to your name), then you may select an existing address to use as your diploma address or you may enter a new one. Diplomas are mailed at least 8 to 12 weeks after graduation, so be sure the address will be valid then.
  6. When done, review all the information you submitted for accuracy.

You may view your application to graduate on Webcat (Student Records> Graduation>View Application to Graduate) at any time after you file it.

Change your application

Once you have applied to graduate on Webcat you will not be able to change your intended date of graduation in Webcat. If you need to change your intended graduation date please email the Graduation Office.

How Can I Tell if I’m Graduated?

Roughly four weeks after the date of graduation, check your Academic Transcript on Webcat (Student Records>Academic Transcript) and look at DEGREES AWARDED. When you see the “Degree Date” has the date of your graduation, you will know that you are graduated. If you do not see a date of graduation then our office has most likely been in touch with you to resolve the situation.

Commencement Ceremony

You may participate in the May Commencement ceremony if you are within 8 credits of completing your degree, and have correctly applied to graduate (see Three Graduation Dates, above) by the May filing deadline with fee. Please go to the University Ceremonies and Events website for more specific information about the Commencement ceremony. You may also contact the Commencement Office at (603) 862-1000 or send email to