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A diploma is an official document indicating the completion of your degree program.

Diplomas bear the UNH seal plus the signatures of the UNH President and the Dean of the College for your major.
Your diploma will indicate:

    1. your degree
    2. your major(s)
    3. any honors you received
    4. the date you graduated

Minors do not appear on the diploma; they are recorded on your transcript.

All diplomas are 8”x10” with the exception of the PhD’s which measure 11”x14” and Law School diplomas which measure 14”x17”.

Students who participate in the Commencement ceremony receive a diploma cover at that time.

When Will I Receive My Diploma?

Diplomas are ordered from the printer after the graduation certification process has been completed and the graduation list finalized, usually about 4 weeks after graduation.

Diplomas are not ordered until student holds are cleared. 

Diplomas are mailed directly to students from the diploma vendor. You will receive an email notification when your diploma has been mailed.


Students who have Financial Aid Exit Counseling holds or who owe the university money will not have their diplomas ordered until the holds have been cleared.

To find out if you have a hold on your account, please check WEBCAT (Registration>View Holds).

When you have taken care of a hold on your account, please notify the Graduation Office by emailing so we can order your diploma.


Associate degree diplomas show, if applicable, honors according to the table below, if you have completed a minimum of 32 graded UNH credits (does not include credits for CR or P grades).

AA/AS/AAS and GPA required: Fall 2015 and after:
Highest Honors 3.85-4.00
High Honors 3.65-3.84
Honors 3.50-3.64

Bachelor degree diplomas show, if applicable, completion of University Honors, Honors in Major, and/or Latin Honors according to the table below, provided you have completed a minimum of 64 graded UNH credits (does not include credits for CR or P grades).

BA/BS and GPA required for: Fall 2015 and after:
Summa Cum Laude 3.85-4.00
Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.84
Cum Laude 3.50-3.64

Graduate diplomas do not show honors designations.

Diploma Name

Your name will appear on your diploma exactly as it appears in our student computer database.

When you apply to graduate on WEBCAT, your name and degree information will be displayed for your review.

If you need to change or correct your name for your diploma, you will need to complete a Name Change form and provide documentation such as a Social Security card, a driver’s license or marriage certificate.

If your name has special characters that are not reflected on the database, please contact the Graduation Office at to make sure they are included on your diploma.

Diploma Mailing Address

Diplomas are mailed to the address you provided when you applied to graduate.  

Do not provide a campus mailing address for your diploma as your campus mail account will be invalid after graduation.

To check your diploma mailing address, log onto WEBCAT and choose the Personal Information tab. Diplomas are mailed approximately 6 weeks after graduation, so be sure to provide an address that will be valid at that time.  Contact the Graduation Office at if you need to change your diploma mailing address.

International Address

If you have provided an international address as your diploma mailing address, this may delay your diploma. Please contact the Graduation Office at for more information.

Replacement or Additional Diplomas

Replacement or Additional Diploma Order Form Download

Students must request a replacement and/or additional diploma in writing to the Graduation Office using the form above or by including the following information in a letter:

  • Student ID
  • Name as you want it to appear on your diploma
  • Previous names used
  • Date of birth
  • Dates of attendance
  • Graduation date
  • Major
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Signature and date
  • $20.00 fee for Undergraduates and Master degrees, and $40.00 fee for PhD degrees
  • Check payable to UNH only – do not mail cash.

Mail request for replacement or additional diplomas with check to:

University of New Hampshire
Office of the Registrar Attn: Diplomas
Stoke Hall, 11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

Diplomas are ordered twice each month. 

Rush services are available for an extra fee.

Please email with any questions about diplomas.