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General Information for Students & Faculty

▶ What is Degree Works (DW)?

Degree Works is a Web-based tool for advisors and students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion. Degree Works allows students and their advisors to plan future academic coursework. Students will also be able to do a “what-if” scenario to evaluate an academic record against other UNH majors when considering a change.

▶ What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is a review of past, current and in progress coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree and major.

▶ What are blocks?

Blocks are a list of each group of requirements you will need to satisfy in order to complete your degree.

▶ Can I access Degree Works on any computer?

Yes. Access to Degree Works (DW) is through the Web. Anywhere you can log in to Webcat will allow you access to the Degree Works System.

▶ Can I register for classes in DW?

No. DW is a snapshot of courses that are in progress and completed. Registration will continue to be handled through Webcat.

▶ Can I see how many classes I have left to fulfill my requirements?

Yes. DW is laid out in block format displaying degree and major requirements. Look for unchecked boxes to identify requirements that you still need to complete.

▶ Are my grades visible in DW?

Yes. Once grades have been processed at the end of each term, they are viewable in DW. Courses in progress are reflected with an "IP" in the grade column.

▶ What do I do if I believe my DW audit is incorrect?

You should consult your academic advisor for a review of your audit.


Understanding the Audit

▶ Will I be able to view my entire course history?

DW uses the information that is current from your transcript. You will be able to view any courses that have been completed/registered for/transferred. Keep in mind that any pending transfer work or grade changes will not appear on your audit until processed.

▶ How do I know what classes I need to take?

Your audit will outline courses still needed to meet degree and major requirements within each specific block. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

▶ Why isn't there a check mark next to a requirement I've already completed?

It could be you have not met the minimum grade requirement or credit requirement for the course. If you have questions please see your advisor.

▶ Why isn't my transfer credit meeting a requirement?

Not all transfer classes slot automatically into major requirements; many require manual intervention. Please speak with your advisor about your transfer classes if you see they are not slotting into your major classes. Your advisor can use the ‘Major Requirement Variance Petition’ to rectify this problem.

▶ I'm thinking about changing my major. How will my courses be applied toward a new major?

Use the "What‐if" feature within DW and select your proposed degree and major. Click "Process What-if" button to see how your coursework will be applied for the new major.

▶ I repeated a course will it appear on the audit?

Yes, if you repeated a course it will appear on your audit.

▶ My academic advisor told me that a course I took would be substituted for a requirement. Why doesn’t this information appear in my audit?

You should contact your advisor to resolve any substitution issue. Your advisor can use the "Major Requirement Variance Petition" to rectify this.

▶ If I see one course placed in two different areas is that OK?

In most situations, yes. DW is programmed to recognize that some courses can fulfill more than one requirement. If you have any questions, contact your academic advisor.

▶ If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean I’m graduating?

Not necessarily. If you have applied to graduate, the Office of the Registrar will perform a final audit after all final grades have been submitted to determine if you are eligible to graduate.

I’m thinking of changing my major:

▶ Will I be able to see how my current classes fit into a new major?

Yes. The “What-If” function will perform an audit based on the hypothetical major and will show how your completed and current coursework meets the requirements of the proposed major.

▶ Can my academic advisor see my "What-If" scenario?

The system will automatically save the last three “What-If” scenarios run. You should let your advisor know that you have run a new "What If".

▶ Can I save and or print a "What If" scenario?

Yes. DW will automatically save your last 3 "What-If" scenerios. To print or save a pdf click "Save PDF" button.

▶ If I like what I see in a “What If” scenario, how do I change my major?

After consulting with your advisor, you may change your academic program using the Change of Program process.


Using “What If” Feature of Degree Works

▶ What is the "What If" feature?

“What If” function allows you to hypothetically change your major. The “What If” audit will show you what coursework is required for the new major, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses would still be left.

▶ How does "What If" work?

Select “What-If” function which is on the left.

  • Use the drop down menus to select the degree and major you’d like to change to. For catalog year you must choose the current term.
  • Then select the "Process What-If” button.
  • This will remove the requirement blocks for your current major and apply the requirement blocks for the major you’re considering.
  • This is not a permanent swap. To return to your current major audit, click on the "Worksheets" tab.
  • If you would like to change your major, please see your academic advisor.

▶ If I use the “What If” feature does this mean that I have changed my major?

No. The “What If” function is for information purposes only.


GPA Calculator Function:

▶ What does the Graduation Calculator show?

The Graduation Calculator is a tool to assist you in planning for completing your degree with a desired GPA.

▶ What does the Term Calculator show?

The Term Calculator will show you your estimated cumulative GPA after you fill in hypothetical grade information. By putting in your current earned credits and GPA and placing your in-progress courses in the table along with the grade you anticipate receiving for each course; you will see a hypothetical cumulative GPA based on the estimates you provided.

▶ Is the GPA calculation guaranteed?

No. This is an estimate only.