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Degree Evaluation

The Webcat degree evaluation (Student Services & Financial Aid>Student Records>Degree Evaluation) is a tool available for students and advisors to assist in tracking progress toward graduation. It is excellent in determining the completion of Discovery Program or General Education requirements, Writing Intensive requirements, and – for BA candidates – the Foreign Language requirement.

If your Webcat degree evaluation shows that you are missing one of the degree requirements mentioned above that you believe has been covered by a course you have taken, please contact the Graduation Department staff to have a review done of your record.

Major Requirements

The Webcat tool does not always work well in reviewing the completion of your major requirements, particularly if you have transfer credits that are counting toward your major. Please make sure you understand your major requirements, and review with your advisor your progress toward completion of your major coursework.

Earned Credits

The Degree Evaluation does not accurately reflect your earned credits. To see an accurate accounting of your earned credits, view your Academic Transcript on Webcat (Student Services & Financial Aid>Student Records>Academic Transcript).

80+ Credits

The Graduation Department sends a paper copy of a degree evaluation to your advisor once you have completed more than 80 credits. At that time you should receive an email from the Graduation Department notifying you that we have sent it to your advisor, and directing you to review your degree evaluation on Webcat yourself, and to consult your advisor.

Your Responsibility

Please remember it is your responsibility to make sure all the requirements necessary for graduation are met. Make sure you understand the requirements of your degree and major. Contact the Graduation Office with questions about your Discovery/General Education, Writing Intensive, and Foreign Language requirements. Contact your advisor with questions about your major requirements.