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Commencement is a ceremony held once a year in May which members of 5 different graduating classes may attend: students who graduated the previous September or December, students planning to graduate in May, and students planning to graduate the following September or December if they are within 8 credits of completing the degree by May. Please note that “walking” in the Commencement ceremony does not mean you have graduated. Graduating is an academic action which takes place only after successful completion of all UNH degree requirements.

Commencement is a ceremony managed by the University Events and Programs; your actual graduation is processed by the Registrar’s Office.


You are eligible to participate in the May ceremony if you are within 8 credits of completing your degree requirements and have applied to graduate for May, or the following September or December. Please see the information about applying to graduate. Students from the previous September and December graduations will be invited by the Commencement Office to attend the May ceremony.

Students who wish to participate in the May ceremony but who are not within 8 credits of degree completion may petition their college dean for permission to walk in the May commencement ceremony.

Register for the May Commencement Ceremony

Students who plan to attend the Commencement ceremony must register with the Commencement Office after they applied to graduate.

Information on the ceremony is available only from the Commencement Office. Please check the Commencement website in the spring semester for information about the ceremony and how to register.

Commencement Printed Program

The Commencement Office prints a Commencement Program and distributes it at the ceremony. The program lists all the students who have either graduated or applied to graduate and who are eligible to participate in the ceremony. NOTE: Students who file their application to graduate after the late deadline may not appear in the program.