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How to Order Transcripts and Course Descriptions

tran·script [tran-skript]
1. a complete, unabridged copy of your academic record.

▶ Order Transcripts

  • Decide if you need an OFFICIAL, UNOFFICIAL, ELECTRONIC or printed transcript.
    • An OFFICIAL transcript is printed on security paper, bears the signature of the Registrar and the University seal. It may be sent to whomever you wish.
    • An ELECTRONIC transcript is an official UNH transcript sent electronically through a secure server. An email notification is sent to the recipient with specific instructions for retrieving the transcript. This is the quickest way to send a transcript or to obtain a copy for yourself. This service is available only for students who have attended since 1989.
    • An UNOFFICIAL transcript may only be sent directly to you, or to a department within the University of New Hampshire. It is printed on regular white paper, is titled an Unofficial Transcript, and does not bear the University seal. Unofficial transcripts will only be mailed to your Granite Square Station Box when you are on campus.
  • Order Online

    UNH Students/Alumni who attended UNH after 1989 should request transcripts online through Webcat. You may request official or unofficial transcripts online. If you are not sure whether you have an active MyUNH account or need to reactivate your account, please contact the IT Support Services Desk at (603) 862-4242. If phoning is not feasible, please check their website,, for more information. Printed transcripts requested online will be produced and mailed the next business day (or within two business days if volume is extremely high). Electronic transcripts will generally be processed the next business day.

    Towards the end of a semester, you may also request that your transcript be held for grades and/or degrees. The "Hold for Grades" and "Hold for Degrees" options are usually turned on three weeks before the end of the semester. Requests for “Hold for Grades” will be processed as soon as possible after the completion of the grade update process at the end of the semester. “Hold for Degrees” requests are processed after a student’s record has been updated with the degree awarded.

    How to request transcripts online through Webcat:

    1. Go to Webcat
    2. Login
    3. Select Student Records
    4. Select Transcript
    5. Select Request Transcript

    UNH School of Law transcript requests click here.

    Students who attended UNH before 1989 must order transcripts with a written request (instructions and order form are below).

    How to request transcripts with a written request:

    • Follow the instructions on the transcript request form. Please read them carefully, and fill out the form completely. No OFFICIAL transcripts will be furnished if your financial obligations to the University have not been met.
    • Transcript requests are not accepted over the phone. You may either come into the Registrar's Office and fill out a transcript request form, fax the request form to us at (603) 862-1817 or mail the transcript request form to our office at:

    University of New Hampshire
    Office of the Registrar
    Stoke Hall
    ATTN: Transcripts
    11 Garrison Avenue
    Durham, NH 03824-3511

    You may also scan the completed transcript request form and email it to

    ▶ Transcript Fees & Processing Time

    There are no longer any transcript fees. The current processing time for transcripts not entered through Webcat is 3 to 4 business days.

    For Additional Information Call: (603) 862-1587 or e-mail

    ▶ Order Course Descriptions

    Course Descriptions for Catalogs are available online at the following links:

    Course Descriptions for previous school years prior to 2001 are requested through the Transcript Office.

    The following information is needed in order to process a course description request:

    • Course Number and Title
    • Semester when the course was taken (e.g., "Fall 1995")

    Mail the Course Description request to:

    Office of the Registrar
    Stoke Hall
    ATTN: Transcripts
    11 Garrison Avenue
    Durham, NH 03824-3511

    For Additional Information Call: (603) 862-1587 or e-mail