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Incomplete (IC) or IX Grade

Incomplete (IC) grades

Students unable to complete their assigned coursework due to extenuating circumstances may request an incomplete grade from the instructor. If the instructor agrees, students must follow the guidelines set by the instructor and/or those below to resolve the incomplete. Incomplete grades unresolved by the deadlines listed below will result in a grade of "F". Students may not graduate with an IC on the transcript.  All Incompletes must be resolved before a degree is awarded.

  • Undergraduate courses (numbered below 800) - All students have until mid-semester of the subsequent term to finish their coursework (unless an earlier date is set by the instructor) and have a grade submitted. (Grades for Fall and January Term incompletes are due at mid-semester in the Spring; Grades for Spring and Summer incompletes are due at mid-semester in the Fall).
  • Graduate courses (numbered 800 and above) - Graduate students and non-degree students enrolled in courses numbered 800 and above have until the last day of classes of the subsequent term (unless an earlier date is set by the instructor) to complete their coursework. Fall and January Term incomplete work is due the last day of class in the Spring; Spring and Summer incomplete work is due the last day of class in the Fall.

Students may petition for an extension of the deadline. Petitions must be approved by the student's instructor, adviser and college dean and will generally be granted only for extraordinary, non-academic reasons. Undergraduate extensions beyond the end of the semester are rarely approved. The Graduate School must approve extension petitions for graduate courses. Non-degree students should submit petitions to Nate Talbot, University Advising and Career Center (UACC), Hood House.

See Student Rule 07.131(s).

IX grade indicates one of the following:

  • No Final Grades were submitted by the instructor (or they were received after grades were updated).
  • The instructor did not assign a grade to an individual student or a small group of students.
    • Grades cannot be recorded until they are turned into the Registrar's Office.
    • Late grades are usually updated within 24 hours of receipt and are immediately available in Webcat.
    • If a student needs proof of a grade, he or she will need to order a transcript or print a copy of his/her grade(s) from Webcat.
The Records Office will request that the instructor file a Special Grade Report form with the missing grade for each student. Special Grade Report forms must be signed by the student’s College Dean before they can be processed.