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Tuition Surcharge

Undergraduate students are permitted to enroll for more than 20 credits only with the permission of their college dean. Students must submit petitions, approved by both adviser and college dean, to the Registrar’s Office. After the 30th day of the semester, students carrying more than 20 credits are billed a per-credit surcharge. No refund is made if the student subsequently drops below 20 credits. Students who are already registered full time and are paying full time tuition may audit classes with no additional tuition charges (special fees will apply).

A student is entitled to waive up to 6 credits of the tuition surcharge for “activity-type” courses. The following is a list of “activity-type” courses that may be waived: AERO 301-542, CHEM 500-503, MILT 401-502, MUSI 441-468; 536-564 (for non-majors only), PHYS 501, THDA 532, 589 (majors only).

Music and Music Education majors may receive a waiver of one credit per semester (up to 6) for Music courses numbered 441-468 (not including 444).

Students with questions about the tuition surcharge should contact Mike Givens, Assistant Registrar, Registration, Office of the Registrar, Stoke Hall.