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Webcat for Faculty

Faculty members may view class lists and a variety of student information (including photographs and documents) in Webcat. In order to see documents in Webcat you must log in to the ECG VPN before logging in to MyUNH. Webcat is accessed by logging into MyUNH, then selecting the Webcat. Click Faculty Services menu.

Class lists can only be accessed by the instructor(s) of the course; student information is limited to students listed as your advisees, or registered in courses where you are listed as the instructor.

If you need access to more information than Webcat provides, you will need to apply for access to the BANNER Student Information System. The BANNER account request form may be found on the Information Technology (IT) website under the 'Support' menu listing.

Electronic Student Folder in Webcat


How to View the Electronic Student Folder

How to View the Electronic Student Folder from the Advisee Listing

Troubleshooting: Viewing the Electronic Student Folder in Webcat

Cross-Reference Guide for Documents in the Electronic Student Folder