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Last updated: 10-Mar-2016
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Surplus Property Scrap Procedures

  • Request to Scrap Surplus

    Item(s) with an estimated current market value of $0 (i.e. obsolete, damaged, cannabalized, etc.) can be scrapped with approval from Purchasing. Complete the USNH Surplus Property Request to Scrap Form. The form is automatically submitted to purchasing for approval. If approved, purchasing will respond via email.

    If the item contains a UNH tag, it must be removed and sent to Property Control prior to disposal. Equipment which was purchased with grant or contract funds, or that may be listed as capital equipment (see: http://finadmin.usnh.edu/pol_proc/chapter_11/pro11_020.html) requires specific handling through Property Control.

  • Disposal of Scrap Surplus - Disposal procedures vary depending on the type of item
    1. Non-Electronic Items:

      When disposing of non-electronic items, departments must place them directly inside of a dumpster. For items that will not fit in a dumpster, or which require assistance in moving, departments can call Maintenance Control (2-1437) directly for assistance. There will be a fee associated with their services.

    1. Special Handling Required:

    Liquids – When disposing of liquids or equipment that contains liquids, contact OEHS.
    Refrigerants - When disposing of refrigerants (i.e. air conditioners, water coolers, refrigerators, etc.) contact Maintenance Control at 2-1437.
    Batteries – When disposing of batteries, other than those in laptop computers and/or UPS devices, contact OEHS.
    Electronic Equipment – When disposing of electronic equipment that does not contain any of the above contents, Complete the Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal Form on the IT Security web site http://remedydev.unh.edu/unhit/surplus/.

    Improper disposal of hazardous materials can result in civil or criminal penalties to individuals or the university. The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) has established a storage facility and procedures to properly dispose of these materials. Purchasing will forward all approvals to scrap to OEHS. OEHS will contact the department with instructions.

    For additional guidance of disposal of hazardous materials, please visit the OEHS website at: http://www.unh.edu/ehs/.

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