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USNH Staff, please visit the USNH Surplus Website to add, update, or view surplus property. 

This web site is only for disposal/scrap requests of non-electronic equipment (equipment, supplies, vehicles, etc.). For ALL electronic equipment (computers, printers, audio visual, etc.) please go to the UNH IT Security web site at Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal website (SEED) for further information and instructions, as well as a list of accepted equipment.

Please consult with your campus facilitesn department  to coordinate the transfer of furniture and fixture prior to considering surplus.  

Internal USNH Staff

Please visit the internal USNH Surplus Website to view property avaialble for internal transfer or sale for business use only.

External Surplus Shoppers

Publicly available surplus can be found on govdeals.com.

 Please include the item ID # when you Submit an Offer

ID Asking Price Title Manufacturer and/or Model # Description Estimated Age Condition Contact Person Seller Email
20 50.00 Display Cabinet Glass display cabinets.  Rough dimensions : 6'0" long; 3'0" high; 1'6" deep. Black ends and base. Four units not all exactly the same. 40 Fair Rich Rouleau rich.rouleau@unh.edu
22 Hand Sanitizer "1 Gallon Germ Be Gone Hand Sanitizer, with  without pumps• In accordance with CDC guidance, all hand sanitizers will contain at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol Helps to reduce germs and bacteria on the skin Leaves no stickiness or noticeable residue on hands Able to be used anytime without the need for water or towels Extended Lead Times May Apply - Exact packaging, color, branding, and design subject to change based on availability 4 Gallons per case• 48 Cases per palletThis gallon bottle of hand sanitizer works to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria on the skin. All hand sanitizers will contain at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol in accordance with CDC guidance. Sanitizer can be used without any water or towels and will not leave a noticeable residue on hands.Some bottles have pumps for dispensing. Other bottles do not and are designed for refills. Please specify amounts of each." Good Ron O'Keefe Ronald.O'Keefe@unh.edu
24 50.00 Kodak Magnus 400 platemaker Hamada 665 kodak Magnus 400 platemaker Brandon Karcher brandon.karcher@unh.edu
26 5000.00 HP Designjet L25500 Kodak Magnus 400 HP Designjet L25500 Good Brandon Karcher brandon.karcher@unh.edu
28 Conference Table L25500 Like new Haworth Jive conference table with  inchMaple inch laminate surface and graphite base. Small hole in center for conference phone line. Seats 10. 11feet  11 inch long by 4feet  5 inch wide. Chairs NOT included. Pictures available upon request. Requires Repair Brandon Karcher brandon.karcher@unh.edu
29 8000.00 Hospital Bed Hospital Bed used by ECE Department for Biomed Engineering. Fair
32 200.00 Lindberg Box Furnace CBFS518A Used Working Lindberg/Blue M CBFS518A Box Furnace (rebranded by Cole Parmer).Serial No. S09R-507353-SR.Max Temp58; 1100 C.RS485 ports are installed but were not tested for this listing.Power cord included.Paper manuals for the furnace and temperature controller can be provided if desired. Jesse Ambrose Jesse.Ambrose@unh.edu
71 0 Column block heater Waters TCM Column block heater for HPLC columns 20 Requires Repair Jody Potter jody.potter@unh.edu
73 0 Waters 432 Conductivity Detector Waters 432  The 432 Conductivity Detector for chemically-suppressed or single-column ion chromatography 32 Requires Repair Jody Potter jody.potter@unh.edu
74 0 Waters 474 Scanning Fluorescence Detector Waters 474 Scanning Fluorescence Detector  Waters 474 Scanning Fluorescence Detector for HPLC analysis of compounds 17 Requires Repair Jody Potter jody.potter@unh.edu
75 250 Peerless Oil-Fired Residential Boiler Peerless WBV-03-110-WPCTL 150 Mbtu/hr oil-fired heating hot water boiler with tankless domestic hot water coil, Beckett burner, Honeywell controls, four zone header and circulators.  Originally installed in 2003.  Taken out of service and drained in 2019. 18 Average Richard Rouleau rich.rouleau@unh.edu
81 20000 Varian 400MHz NMR Varian Mercury Plus Fully functional Varian Mercury Plus 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer with broad band probe. Actively Shielded Magnet. 21 Good John Wilderman john.wilderman@unh.edu
85 Covid Test Kits AcessBio AcessBio - CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Home Test - Two Tests Quantity Available: 4,640  (9,280 total tests)  Expire - April 2022 - No Charge  ***FOR INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION ONLY*** New Jeffrey Lapak jrlapak@iol.unh.edu
91 0 Wooden Tablet Desks Six wooden tablet desks in good condition.  10 Good Adam Carignan adam.carignan@unh.edu
92 $100 OBO Metal Cabinet Metal cabinet with shelves. Has ability to be locked with key (included). Office furniture. 36"x20"x68.5" Good Jennifer Daly jennifer.daly@unh.edu
93 $30 IBM Typewriter IBM Correcting Selectric II  Green IBM Correcting Selectric II Typewriter. Not sure if it's in working condition so listing it at broken price.  Good Jennifer Daly jennifer.daly@unh.edu
94 Hanging Folders Pendaflex 10 boxes of hanging files folders. 25 folders per box. New Maddie Beihl maddie.beihl@unh.edu
97 2000 Alamo PA91 Boom Mower 3pt hitch PA91 Alamo McConnel PA91 boom mower setup to be used on 3pt hitch. Everything works, has hydraulic oil leak. New flail hammers. Comes with owners manual. 25 Fair Peter Davis peter.davis@unh.edu
100 6000 CrustBuster 3400 Grain Drill CrustBuster Speed King Inc. CrustBuster 3400 All Plant DD 22 x 8 grain drill, probably will need some tlc to get working properly. Owners manual comes with it. 25 Fair Peter Davis peter.davis@unh.edu
101 Desk Desk 80"L X 50"W Good Corey Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu
102 Desk Desk 6.4' L X 30" D X 30" H Good Corinna Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu
103 Desk Desk 8'L X 27" D X 30" T Good Corinna Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu> 
104 Desk Good Corinna Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu> 
105 Desk Desk 5' X 2.5 D  X 30 T Good Corinna Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu
106 Wooden File Cabinet Wooden File Cabinet Good Corinna Grogan cbgrogan@plymouth.edu
107 $1 Carpet De-foamer Clean-O-Rama 29513 Carpet de-foamer chemical. 2 years old.  2 New Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
108 $1 Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner Ecolab 6100795 Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner from Ecolab. New in Ship Pack, 1 yr old. 17 available 1 New Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
109 $1 Scotch Brite Pads 3M 70-0715-0613-6 3M Scotch Brite Pads, new in ship pack. Approx. 1 year old.  1 New Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
110 1 Alkaline Floor Cleaner Ecolab 6100763 Alkaline Floor Cleaner from Ecolab. 14 available, new in ship pack. About 1 year old  1 New Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
111 1 Disenfecting Bathroom Cleaner Ecolab 6101767 Disenfecting bathroom cleaner from Ecolab. New in Ship Pack. 30 available, approx. 1 year old 1 New Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
112 100 Floor Sweeper Karcher 280X Radius Karcher Floor Sweeper. Good condition, 5 years old. 1 available 5 Good Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
113 10 Scout Floor Sweeper  Tennant Scout Floor Sweeper. 1 available. 20 years old 20 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
114 25 Admiral Floor Extractor Windsor Admiral Admiral Floor Exctractor by Windsor. Fair condition. 10 years old, 3 available  10 Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
115 100 Cleaning Caddy Cleaning Machine Cleaning Machine by Ecolab. 2 available, 5 years old. Asking 100 each Good Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
116 25 Floor Buffer Clark 88380-026 Floor Buffer by Clark. 10 years old, 4 available 10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
117 $5 Mop Bucket Rubber Maid Wave Break Wave Break Mop Bucket by Rubber maid. Approx 5 years old, 3 available 5 Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
118 1 Dust Pans  RubberMaid Dustpans from Rubbermaid. about 5 years old, 10 available.  5 Good Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
119 $10 Wet Dry Vacuum Tennant V-WD-15 Wet Dry Vacuum by Tennant. approx 10 years old. 1 available.  10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
120 10 Windsor Vacuum Windsor  Sensor SR12 Vacuum by Windsor. Approx. 10 years old. 1 available 10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
121 $10 Vacuum by Karcher Karcher Sensor S2 14 Karcher vacuum. 1 available. Approx. 10 years old  10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
122 $10 Tennant Wet Dry Vacuum Tennant V-WD-15 Wet Dry Vacuum by Tennant. Approx 10 years old. 1 available.  10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
123 10 Nilfisk Wet Dry Vacuum Nilfisk Sprite AS Classic Wet Dry Vacuum by Nilfisk. Approx 10 years old, 1 available.  10 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
124 3 Backpack Vacuum Pro Team DT100 Backpack vacuum by Pro Team. Approx. 20 years old, 1 available 20 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
125 3 Meile Vacuum Miele S246I Vacuum by Miele. Approx 20 years old. 1 available.  20 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
126 $3 Backpack Vacuum Pro Team DT100 Backpack vacuum by ProTeam. 3 available, approx 20 years old.  20 Fair Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
127 $5 Sprayer by Chapin Chapin 21220XP Sprayer by Chapin. 1 available, approx 2 years old.  Good Rebecca Hotz rebecca.hotz@unh.edu
128 3000 Dump Truck Mack CH613 1993 Mack CH613 This vehicle runs and is drivable but has a coolant leak. Tank body and hydraulic lines have rust. 487,219 Miles.  Requires Repair Pete Davis peter.davis@unh.edu
129 500 Miller Millermatic 135 MIG welder Millermatic 135 115V MIG welder great for autobody and light duty welding. 15 Good Peter Davis peter.davis@unh.edu
131 0 Office Tables We have two 36" round office tables.  They are in good condition  - we just don't need them anymore.  Can go to a USNH Office or to a non profit  10 Good Colleen Sullivan colleen.sullivan@unh.edu
132 Desk file organizers/trays/bookends  n/a Desk file organizers/trays/bookends (plastic, metal) 10 Average Tonya LaBrosse tblabrosse@plymouth.edu
134 100 Coin/bill acceptor Schlumberger Vendamat D/TWR/BASE/II Coin/bill acceptor was attached to self-serve copy machine.  All components work well as of listing date. 10 Average Tom Weeks thomasw@plymouth.edu
135 $1,900 Finnigan Surveyor HPLC Thermo Finnigan Used Finnigan Surveyor HPLC system + accessories Includes: LC Pump (Serial No. 68225); Autosampler (Serial No. 78948); PDA Detector (Serial No. 76270; 5 cm Lightpipe; Firmware version 1.17); solvent tray; system interconnect cable; Ethernet switch (Allied Telesyn AT-FS705L); ethernet cables; autosampler short microwell carrier assembly (P/N 60053-62014, Rev. D); paper manuals and documents; spare deuterium lamp (P/N 108052, Rev. C-1 – in original box but may have been used); miscellaneous consumable and spare parts.  A 100 microliter Rheodyne sample loop and a 4.6 × 10 mm Nacalai COSMOSIL Buckyprep column are installed.   History The instrument was operated in an organic chemistry laboratory until project funding ended in ~2010.  The software used was ChromQuest version  The only known issue is that the degasser fails to pump down properly, resulting in air bubble formation downstream of the pump when running un-degassed solvents.  The system was flushed with pure methanol during last use.  Potential buyers are cautioned that traces of methanol may remain in the solvent flow path. 20 Requires Repair Jesse Ambrose Jesse.Ambrose@unh.edu



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