University System of New Hampshire
Financial and Administrative Procedures


Procedure: 6-011
Issued By: USNH Director of Purchasing
Issued Date: 07/01/2005
Revised Date: 07/01/2005

The purchasing and contracting offices of USNH utilize a central database for storing data and images for bid processes and contracts/agreements. The purpose of the database is threefold: (1) to leverage each campus purchasing office by sharing information and resources so that they can benefit from each other's work; (2) to enable the USNH/UNH Director of Purchasing & Contract Services to analyze the data to look for opportunities for collaboration on System-wide contracts to negotiate more favorable pricing; and (3) to enable the Treasurer and his/her staff to exercise broad oversight over the authority delegated.

Coupled with the central database, is an integrated document imaging system for all bid processes, contracts/agreements, and their related addenda. The images are accessible by all staff within each of the campus purchasing and contracting offices within USNH.

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